American male names and their meanings

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In this article we will share a complete list of American male names and their meanings. I hope you like this list of male names derived from English and from several countries that use English as their native language. Take advantage of this complete list of English names and their meanings.

Are there any differences between American male names and English male names? English culture is very traditional and has timeless and European roots while the United States has created a new concept of the West. Both countries use English as their native language and similar names, but perhaps by looking at the list of English names you can see a huge difference between American male names and their meanings.

Nomes Americanos masculinos e seus significados


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Nomes Americanos Masculinos Meaning of names in Portuguese and English
Achak Spirit (Algonquin)
Acoose Standing above ground
Acotas Group of horses
Adahy Lives in the forest (Cherokee)
Aditsan Listener (Navajo)
Adoeete Kiowa word for tree
Adooeette Kiowa word for tree
Agoyoanye Shooting star
Ahanu He laughs (Algonquin)
Ahmoua Whale
Ahtunowhiho Someone who lives below (Cheyenne)
Aiattaua Handsome man
Akando Ambush
Akecheta Fighter (Sioux)
Akikta Works with Determination
Akon Name made
Akule Search for
Alahmoot Punch nose word for a blackleaf stick
Alcamy Elling Alchemy Resp
Alexandro Defend
Alikkees Piercing Nose Haircut Meaning Name
Alo Spiritual guide (Hopi)
Anakausuen Worker (Algonquin)
Analu The / is strong, brave, heroic, Man, Strong &
Angelynn beautiful angel
Angvariationu-Toke Sioux name meaning another day
Annawan Algonquin Chief meaning name
Antwan Alternative spelling of the name Antoine
Apiatan Kiowa launches name meaning
Aponivi When the wind blows the gap (Hopi)
Appanoose Sauk word for child
Aquinnah High Country
Aranck Stars (Algonquin)
Arapoosh Crow stomach meaning name
Ariance Original from Adria (Venice) matte black, dark
Arnie The eagle rules
Arre-Catte-Waho big moose
Ashishishe Name for Raven Raven
Ashkii Dighin Navajo child meaning holy name, holy son
Ashkii Boy (Navajo)
Askook Snake (Algonquin)
Ata`halne` He interrupts (Navajo)
Atagulkalu Cherokee meaning name threw trees
Atahladte Feather on head
Atsidi Navajo blacksmith meaning name
Attakullakulla Cherokee meaning name threw trees
Auren Laurel heard or
Awan Someone
Ayunli Dance Leader
Bagwunagijik Chippewa hole meaning name in the sky
Bane support
Bat Rugged, rough
Bear Bear-like
Beckham An English surname, contemporary use coined the surname and given name
Benniton Little Blessed
Beshiltheeni Name Navajo metallurgical meaning
Bienne The initial BN
Bilagaana White person (Navajo)
Bing refined courteous
Blanket Bed cloth covering
Blayze Stutter
Blood blood
Bonner Soft
Bono Very good, absolutely good
Brayan Variant of the name Brian or Bryan. Noble.
Braylon Wide
Briton A variation on Britton spelling
Bronx Bronck Land
Broox Name made
Bryton a Brit
Buegoneguig Chippewa hole meaning name in the sky
Cade little battle
Caden Barrel
Canowicakte Name Sioux meaning forest hunter
Carsyn Alternative Carson spelling
Cason House
Catahecassa Black Hoof
Cha`akmongwi Chief Presenter (Hopi)
Cha`tima The caller (Hopi)
Chakotay Name made
Chankoowashtay Good roads (Sioux)
Chanter Sun
Chanteyukan Gracious, Benevolent
Charsian Christian Free Man
Chash-Chunk-A wave
Chaska Sioux name given to the first child
Chato Flat nose
Chavatangakwunua Short rainbow (Hopi)
Chayan Life
Chayton Falcon (Sioux)
Chazz male farmer
Chebona-Bula brook meaning name smiling boy
Cherokee People of a different speech. Great American Indians
Chevelle bold and beautiful
Cheveyo Warrior Spirit (Hopi)
Chevy Rider, Knight
Chilli Cold
Chitto Creek name means brave
Chochuschuvio White-tailed deer (Hopi)
Chogan Blackbird (Algonquin)
Choviohoya Young deer (Hopi)
Chun natures extension
Chuslum Moxmox Nez Perce name means yellow bull
Claymore The large double-edged sword
Cleave Cleavon name
Cloud Visible steam
Cochise Wood. Renowned Apache Chiricahua warlord
Cocoa Chocolate powder
Coowescoowe Cherokee name meaning heron
Cree Tribe Name
Cusick Someone who teases
Cyan blue-green
Cydorn the name of a character from the role-playing game Eva
Dadgayadoh Seneca name means game men
Dakota Friend, ally. Tribal name
Dakotah , Ally. Tribal name
Dasan Boss
Dayshaun Gods gift of hope
Deacon Deacon
Deganawidah Iroquois name means two rivers running
Deion Noble
Delsin He is so
Delsy He is so
Deshawn God's grace
Dewayne dark
Diwali bowl
Dragon creature
Dwayne dark
Dyami Eagle.
Ealahweemah Nez Perce name means sleep
Ealaot Wadass Nez Perce land meaning name
Ealaot-Wadass Nez Perce land meaning name
Eapalekthiloom Nez Perce hill meaning name of clouds
Elan Tree
Elki Drape over
Elsu Flying hawk
Enapay Courageous appearance
Enli I saw a dog
Eri Abbreviation for Erin - a poetic name for Ireland
Erix Always Ruler
Esarosa White wolf
Espn Television Sports Network
Ethanael firmly, consistently
Etlelooaat Screaming (Algonquin)
Evea Customer Captain
Eyota big
Ezell Noble
Felimy always a good
Fisher fisherman
Fone Snow Child
Forster Forests
Gaagi Crow
Gad Energetic, wealth, happiness
Gattaca Name made, DNA components
Gizmo Device
Gradin high-ranking
Grayer The gray color
Guyapi Franco
Hache-Hi Wolf
Hahkethomemah Small tunic (Cheyenne)
Hakan Downward
Halian Julius
Halyn Unique and particular, in contrast to others
Hania Yahweh is gracious
Happy Happy happy
He-Lush-Ka warrior
Hekli Touch (Miwok)
Helushka fighter
Heskovizenako Porcupine Bear (Cheyenne)
Hesutu Yellowjacket nest rises from the ground (Miwok)
Hiamovi High Chief (Cheyenne)
Hinto Blue (Dakota)
Hok`ee Abandoned (Navajo)
Holland peak
Honovi Strong
Hoowanneka Little elk
Huck Sweet berry
Huckleberry Sweet berry
Hummer High Mobility Multipurpose Wheeled Vehicles
Huyana The rain that falls Hindu
Hy Diminutive of Hyman: Life
Inali Black Fox
Insula Red Feather
Inteus There is no shame
Ipo Origin of the Frisian names
Istaqa Coyote Man (Hopi)
Istu Sugar
Jace Curator
Jacy beautiful
Jaelen m version of jerlean
Jaheim Beauty, beautiful
Jainna Name combination
Jamareon Name made
Jamari Name created
Janison Jane's son
Jaquan Increased the Lord
Jase Jason, healer
Javes Name made
Javion Name of fantasy
Javon Name made
Jaxon God has been gracious, has shown favor. Based on João or Jacques.
Jayden Heard by God
Jaylend aid loans, useful for others
Jessa God contemplates
Jessia God contemplates
Jevin Name made
Jiles Squire
Jolon Valley of the dead oaks
Jono God is merciful
Jory farmer
Justice Fair
Kaden Companion
Kajika Hiking without sound
Kalani heaven
Kamina love child
Kanye Unknown
Kapono Fair
Karik Carrick, Scotland
Kay keyholder
Kaylor Name made
Kayo keyholder
Kayson Rejoice
Keanu Nice
Kele Sparrow (Hopi)
Kelii boss
Kelli War;
Keme Secret Pajackok - Thunder (Algonquin)
Kendahl Kent River
Kensley Name made
Keon the Archer
Keona God's free gift
Keoni God, who is merciful
Kers Anointed, bearer of Christ
Kert Simple Pleasures
Keshawn God is with us
Kesler independent and energetic
Keyshawn The horned
Kibbe the night bird
Kimi Those without equal
Kimo Someone who replaces
Kitchi Brave (Algonquin)
Koa brave, courageous, fearless
Kohana Swift (Sioux)
Konner alternative spelling: Conner
Kono squirril a tree bite through the pine
Kory God
Kotori Spirit Owl (Hopi)
Kuckunniwi Little Wolf (Cheyenne)
Kyden Little narrow fire
Laik From near the lake
Lalo Rich
Landis From the grassy plain.
Lanu refer to the tribal custom
Latrell Name of fantasy
Laythan Name made
Lefty left-handed
Len Hardy lion or fat lion
Lenno Man
Lexis Defender
Leyti Shaped like an abalone shell (Miwok)
Lezane Happiness
Liko germ
Lonan a cloud
Lootah Red (Sioux)
Lorah blond laurels
Luken lighting
Maiele proficient in speaking
Maik Hebrew for “Who is like God”
Makai Who is like God
Makan Wind
Malo winner
Manco King
Marv variant of Merfyn
Maryland Land of Mary
Maska Strong
Masou fire deity
Mato-Nazin standing bear
Mato Wear
Matvey fights (Algonquin)
Mauli Crown
Mclovin Name made
Meka Eyes
Mekhi Who is like the Lord
Merv sea
Midnight :
Mika Who is like God
Mikel What
Mingan Wolf
Minor Junior, the youngest
Misu Whispering brook (Miwok)
Mitt Arrangement
Mohawk Tribal Native American name
Moki Deer (Hopi)
Molimo Have walking in the shade (Miwok)
Monchonsia White feather
Morty Dead
Moseph Kid
Motavato Black kettle (Cheyenne)
Moxie Spirit, energy, courage
Muata Yellow vests in a nest (Miwok)
Mykelti Who is like God
Mylan shapely, clean
Naalyehe-Ya-Sidahi merchant
Nahcomence Oldbark Antelope (Cheyenne)
Narvel Unknown meaning
Nash In
Nashoba Wolf
Nashua Land between two rivers
Nastas Vulpine curve, grass (Navajo)
Navid Good news
Nayati Who fights
Neka Wild Geese
Nelton Neil's Town Of Nell Of Town
Neo New.
Newat Lefthanded
Niel Champion
Nigan Forward
Night night
Nodin Windy day
Norm Norman variant. Norm MacDonald
Nosh Pai (Algonquin)
Noshi Pai (Algonquin)
Ogima boss
Ohanko Reckless
Ohanzee Shadow (Sioux)
Ohitekah Brave (Sioux)
Okena Head of Water
Omarion Life
Orenthal Pine
Otoahhastis Tall bull (Cheyenne)
Otoo collecting shells in a basket
Ouray "Arrow".
Oxide Oxygen compound
Pachu`a Feathered snake water (Hopi)
Paco A Frenchman
Pasi King
Pat Patricia, noble. Abbreviation for Patrick
Patamon Storm
Patch Rock / Unshakable, Reliable
Pay He comes
Paytah Fire (Sioux)
Peanut Ground Nut Pod
Pegalesharro Human head
Peni weaver
Peso Cardiac pacemaker
Pharell Descendant of the brave man
Pooh A little
Popo Rye Tallgrass
Powa abundant
Providence of the Italian name Providenza
Raini a God who created the world
Rayvon Council Decision
Red a redhead
Reyn Rule
Rhody pink
Rhory Red King
Rip substantial, powerful
River The waterway
Rockefeller From Rockenfeld, Germany
Rockne a rock
Rocky Stone;
Rohon horse country
Rondell good ruler
Ryne Rule, Advice
Ryo Great
Saint Holy person
Sakima King
Saloso Wild Goose Cry
Sani The old man (Navajo)
Savion a plant
Scooter Scotland Person
Scout Observer
Semaj James Backwards
Sequence Succession
Sequoia Giant Sequoia Tree
Seven Seven
Shaman holy man
Shecayah Five crows
Shilah Brother (Navajo)
Shiloah Your gift
Shoemowetochawcawe High backed wolf (Cheyenne)
Sike He stays at home (Navajo)
Sikyatavo Yellow rabbit (Hopi)
Sincere Earnest;
Sixsipita Black Eagle
Skate Smooth Glide
Skip Schipper, Da Skipper, Ship Captain
Sky The firmament
Sowi`ngwa Laced (Hopi) - Black
Spicer One who works with herbs
Spike A, heavy pointed screw
Step form the stem crown
Stetson Son
Stone Stone
Story big
Stoyan Stand up and
Sunukkuhkau It crushes (Algonquin)
Syler Name combination
Tab beloved
Taima Thunder
Takoda Friend of all (Sioux)
Tamay one
Tameron palm or grass
Taran The sky;
Tascalusa Black Warrior
Tasunke Horse (Dakota)
Tayden one
Tenauri Name made
Terrian Uncertain;
Tex AT
Texas Friend
Teyemthohisa Two closed doors
Thelonius Name made
Tiger tiger
Tihkoosue Short (Algonquin)
Timber Wood, Strong
Tipper Username and the variant of the Irish Tabar name, a good
Tokala Fox (Dakota)
Topher Christ bearer
Trevin Name of fantasy
Trevion Fair city. Abbreviation for Trevelyan
Treyvon Three
Tsiishch`ili Curly Hair (Navajo)
Tuketu Have to make dust (Miwok)
Tupi Draw (Miwok) in
Tyrese Eoghans country (a county in Ireland)
Usher Escort People
Vaiveahtoish Earth in the cloud (Cheyenne)
Valdeze a fierce
Victorian Champion
Viscay vision child
Wachintonka Patient
Wahchinksapa Wise (Sioux)
Wahchintonka Has many Practice (Sioux)
Wasabe Black Bear
Watchemonne Great speaker
Wichado Prepared
Wilny Eagle singing in flight
Wilu hawk chicken called wi
Wohehiv Blunt knife (Cheyenne)
Wokaihwokomas White antelope (Cheyenne)
Woods Dos Bosques
Wuliton to do good
Yancy English
Yas Snow (Navajo)
Yiska Last night (Navajo)
Yoda Warrior, who knows
Yvian the Archer
Zef May the Lord add
Zulekha Market