American female names and their meanings

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In this article we will share a complete list of American female names and their meanings. I hope you like this list of names derived from English and from several countries that use English as their native language. Take advantage of this complete list of English names and their meanings.

Are there any differences between female American names and female English names? English culture is much more traditional and has its timeless and European roots while the USA has created a new concept of the West and modernization. Both countries use English as their native language and similar names, but perhaps by looking at the list you can easily distinguish between American female names and English female names.

Nomes Americanos femininos e seus significados

List of American Female Names

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American Girl Names Meaning of American Names
Aala Those who hunt and heal
Aaralyn with music
Abedabun Day view (Chippewa)
Abey leaf
Abina girl born on a tuesday
Acasia I combine the names of Acacia and Asia
Acelynn A beauty
Achelle Pain
Adelie noble, serene
Adonica From Adam and Monica
Adsila Blossom (Cherokee)
Adsilla flower
Ady Nigerian real word
Aerilyn Beautiful Air
Aerith Name made
Fine Diminutive of Averill: Swine fight
Afric Africa
Africa West-Brabant name
Ailani High Chief
Aim direct target in the direction of
Aira of the wind
Akeelah Eagle
Akela Noble
Alabama Scrub compensation
Alamea Precious, Whole
Avenue Poplar
Alaska Great land.
Alaula dawn light
Alayja Name made
Alayziah an eternal love
Algoma Valley of Flowers
Alika Noble descent, Nobel, friendly
Alikae noble birth
Relieves Oliveira
Alkas She is afraid
Allayna Wicker
Almeda Cottonwood area
Aloha Love and compassion
Alsoomse Independent (Algonquin)
Altessa noble birth
Altsoba All War
Alyn Sweet or noble
Alyra Harp, lyre
Alyshea Precious Kin
Amadahy Water forest (Cherokee)
Amadika beloved
Amari Unknown
Amberlin Combined name
Ambrea Name combination
Amiah love love
Amitola Rainbow
Anaba she come back from the war
Anani my cloud
Andreina Female Queen
Anevay higher
Angelea Tired Angel
Angeni spirit
Anitra / Doce
Aniya Ship
Aniyah Ship
Anjolie Happy Angel
Ankti Repeat dance (Hopi)
Anna Graceful, sweet and bitter, sad
Annaleigh Countryside, courteous
Annily Grace;
Antionette more than the price
Aolani Paradise Cloud
Aponi Butterfly
Apple sweet fruit, one cherished
Aquaria of water
That Peace
Ariza cedar doors
Arizona brook
Arkansas Downstream People
Arlanna Name combination
Arnia strong as the eagle
Arnola Fair Shoulders Eagle
Asalie life from early in the morning
Aspen Trembling
Atalya Born at Christmas
Aubrecia Ruler, Happy Noble
Aulani Messenger of the King
Aulora Golden Laurel flower
Australia The name of the country Australia
Avari From heaven, heaven
Avariella Heaven or paradise
Ayasha A little bit (Chippewa)
Ayashe A little bit (Chippewa)
Ayiana Eternal flower
Ayita Dance first (Cherokee)
Azabeth Name made
Heartburn From the East
Bakula flower
Barretta a lid
Bayle Beautiful, beautiful, beautiful
Bea Those lucky, Blessed
Becka Thank you
Bena Pheasant
Benquasha Ben's daughter
Bette Eu juro por Deus, Stranger / nascido no exterior
Bev Stream Beaver
Biana variant of Bianca
Bilen pupil of an eye
Blinda beautiful
Blue The color
Bly Gentle, happy
Braylin Name combination
Brendy Flaming Crow, Little
Brilliant Sparkle
Briona smart, funny, independent
Brylee B + Riley
Buffy I swear to God, Indian rabbit or cute little
Bunny Little Rabbit
Busy Involved, not lazy
Butterfly A butterfly
Cailyn Girl, girl
Cali beautiful
Caliana Most of the
Camera camera
Candy Honest
Caressa caress, caress
Caresse beloved
Carly Guy, man, big or free man
Cassara treasurer
Caton Clean, pure, blessed, pure, holy
Catori Spirit (Hopi)
Caylee graceful and peaceful place
Cedar Tree type
Chailyn Life
Chamomile peace herbs
Chantoya Woman praised, Singer
Plate beaver
Charla a non-noble free man
Charlee a non-noble free man
Chassidy Intelligent, by Caiside; curls
Chelan beautiful lake
Chelsia Chalk or limestone port
Chenille Nubby soft fabric
Chenoa White dove
Chepi Fairy (Algonquin)
Cherish In
Cherlin Cher and lin
Cheyenne Wyoming capital
Chirp White-Siocho
Chitsa Market
Chochmingwu Corn mother (Hopi)
Chrisha Noble truth and
Ciera dark
Cinnamon the grass
Citlali a star
Clever smart
Connecticut beside the long river
Corvina Crow
Creola Native to the country, Creole
Cricket Tall Insect Of The Night
Cruella evil, cruel
Dalva Valley
Damani tomorrow
Darena famous and dear
Daveigh beloved
Day light and hope
Daytona Quickly
Delinah uncertain sense
Deliz Dean and Liz
Dena beautiful
Dishawnna beautiful
Doba there was no war
Doda aunt
Doli blue Bird
Dolly Sun
Dorie gift of the Lord
Dove peace bird
Dowanhowee voice
Dreama cheerful music
Dustine Warrior
Dyani Deer
Ebony Ebony
Ehawee laughing maid
She Nobility, noble
Elegance Sophistication grace,
Elitia an elite
Ellasyn Filho / filha de Ellis
Elliana Name combination
Elu Bonito, Feira
Emberlynn Burnt
Emilly The one who speaks in a pleasant, beautiful way.
Emmalia Universal and tired
Enola Alone spelled backwards
Essence Crockery
Etania abundant
Etenia abundant
Eulette well spoken
Everlyse Always dedicated to God
speaks Crow (Choctaw)
February Born in February
Flash shinning light
Flo flourish
Florissa Flor-Net
Franchesca Free
French From France
Gaho mother
Gainell happy, bright
Gaynell Happy, bright
Gemala Precious Oak
Genica shapely, clean
Genova New Wave
Gidget girl
Ginnifer Resp Elling Jennifer
Gisbelle Beautiful promise
Giva Hill high place
Glora form of glory glory
Gloriann glory, fame
Glory form of glory glory
Glynnis Pure, holy or Vale
Graceland Land of Grace
Gracelyn Grace By The Lake
Hachi River
Haile Power
Haimi the display
Hakidonmuya Waiting time (Hopi)
Halia memorial
Halona Happy fortune
Hanny God is merciful
Harlean Resident by the wood of Fronteira
Hartlyn full of love and joy
Hazelle Hazelnut
Heaven heaven
Heavenly Heavenly
Hedya Voice of the Lord
Helaine God is my light, shining
Helki contact
Hina Sun;
Hiwalani beloved son
Hola a ceremonial instrument
Horizon Country's apparent border
Humita Corn grain (Hopi)
Idalee of IDA
Idalia Of noble ancestry, hardworking
Idana of IDA
Ilissa Noble Kin
Ilit The best
Illinois top stocks
Ilys Acronym for I love you so much
Indiya philosophical
Indy Nice / bonita
Infinity Endless
Iolana floating
Iolani Fly like a hawk
Iowa beautiful country
Irela From Ireland
Ireland parents
Would go Rainbow, colorful
Irish From Ireland
Isanne God swore
Isi Dedicated to the Lord
Jacie derivative jace
Jaide from Jadestone
Jailene Beautiful bird
Jairdan He (the Lord) enlightened
Jakayla Name made
Jalene Jay
Jalie Jay
Jalisa Name combination
Jaliyah Exalted;
Jam A sweet or musical Get-together spice grinder
Jamaica the name of the island
Jamilee beautiful
Janeeva juniper
Janelle God is with us
Janessa Name made
Janeth God, who is merciful
Janiah Name made
Janine Yahweh is gracious
Janiyah God is merciful
Janny Yahweh is gracious
January Born in January
Janya Yahweh is gracious
Jaslene Combination of e-lene jasmine
Jaylee Jay
Jayleen Beautiful Jay Bird
Jayliah Name made
Jaylyn Beautiful Jay Bird
Jaysley a Medow off birds
Jazz Presumably the word jazz
Jazzelle promise, a special
Jeana God is with us
Jelissa White Bee
Jenibelle fertile
Jenn nickname for jennifer
Jera Holy
Jerica Heri
Jerrica an honorable who rules by the spear
Jeslyn The Sir is
Jesusita Virgin Mary
Jiera good one
Jobeth Yahweh is gracious
Jojo Nickname for names beginning with JO
Jolisa Yahweh is gracious
Jonila Yahweh is gracious
Jorja Farmer;
Joshlynn The Lord is salvation
Journey one
Jovie joyful
Joylyn wooden linden or hose shield
Juke Suggestive dance
Julissa Julus People
Junelle God is my light, shining
Kailani sea ​​and sky
Kaili hawaiian god
Kalea Bright, radiant, bright, illuminated
Kalei One who works for the King
Kaleikaumaka beloved son looked with pride and love
Kaliska coyote deer hunting
Kaloni The sky
Kamara Altar
Kamata a game of chance
Kamea A precious
Kamela Perfect
Kameryn crooked nose
Kanga of a crow
Kansas south wind people
Kanti Sings (Algonquin).
Karas comes from the Greek charis, which means beautiful and graceful
Karinda Clean / puro
Karisse Dear
Karlishia Name made
Kasa Dressed in furs (Hopi)
Katiana Name combination
Katima powerful daughter
Katrice Noble, Pure
Kawena Reflection Rosy In The Sky
Kaydence musical
Kaylana Name made
Keaghlan beautiful
Keahi Fire
Keala Way
Keegsquaw Virgo (Algonquin)
Keena Admirable
Keezheekoni Burning fire (Chippewa)
Keilana loved one
Keisha Your life
Kekiokolanee funny, cool, honest, never give a secret
Kelin Skinny Boy
Kelis beautiful
Kelti Fantasy name of the word Celt
Kendaleigha Storm Valley
Kendis pure
Kenisha (Real obligation, hero.
Kennita not available
Kerlisha Name made
Kerryn dim and pure
Kesia Earth's Limit
Keyanna life with grace
Kiele The horned
Kieli heavenly garden
Kierra Name made
Kiffany Aspect of God
Kilenya coughing fish
Kimber Cyneburga`s Plain
Kimora The Golden Meadow
Kina Clean / puro
Kindle on fire
Kiona Variant of Kian. Old
Kishi night
Kiss Expression of care
Kissie bonito / doce
Koko Night (black base)
Kokyangwuti Spider woman in middle age (Hopi)
Kourtney Courtenay In France
Kuwanlelenta For beautiful surroundings (Hopi)
Kuwanyamtiwa Beautiful badger passing over the mountain (Hopi)
Kwanita God is merciful
Kya A diamond in the sky
Kyrah ruler
Lae nickname for Laetitia, handsome
Lahoma people
Lainey Torch;
Laisha prosperous
Lakeisha Live
Laken The lake
Lakota Tribe Name
Lalaine wave
Lale to sing a lullaby to calm
Lanai terrace, balcony
Lanelle Rock
Lani Heaven or Chief
Lanica Rock
Lapronda Name made
Laquita Name created
Lasharon The marshes, swamps
Latrisha one
Laurelin Land of the Golden Valley Sing
Washed Combination of LA and Vada
Lawanda Slavic
Leeza God is my oath
Leighanne Name combination
Leiko little Flower
Leilana heavenly child
Leilani Heavenly
Leilanie sky flower
Lejane God is merciful
Lequoia The Sequoia Tree
Lesa Dedicated to the Lord
Lesia Dedicated to the Lord
Lilo a generous
Lise Dedicated to God
Liseli Unknown meaning
Lisinda God swore
Lithany Ceremonial prayer
Litonya hummingbird running
Livvy Elf Army
Lizeth Dedicated to the Lord
Lokelani small red rose
Lol Laughter
Lomasi beautiful flower
Louisiana in honor of King Louis
Blonde De Laurentum, Italy
Lourana Laura and Ana
Lourine blond laurels
Lovie Loved by the people
Lulu Pearls
Luyu Pigeon
Lyanna Gracous, Countryside
Lysa Dedicated to God
Mackynsie alternative spelling: Mackenzie
Magena moon
Magic full of admiration
Mah menina original / mulher bonita
Mahal woman
Mahalia Affection
May Ocean
Maile Vineyard,
Maka Earth
Makaila What
Makala In
Makalia Who is like God
Makani Wind
Malana Buoyancy
Maleah shapely, clean
Malila he goes fast salmon upstream
Maliyah shapely clean
Malu Protection
Manitopyes strong and powerful
Mansi Harvested flower (Hopi)
Mapiya skyheavenly
Marge Pearl
Mariangely Maria dos Anjos
Maribeth from the sea
Marilee Combination
Marilu shapely clean
Marilyn shapely, clean
Markita warlike
Marlee Contraction
Marli shapely clean
Marlie shapely clean
Marnie Happiness
Maryjane Combination
Masalina Unknown meaning
Matoaka Unknown
Maurissa Sea of ​​bitterness
Mausi Picking flowers
Mauve purple color
Maylin Beautiful Jade
Meadow Field of grass or vegetation
Me of Prophetess
Mekelle If God
Meli ;
Meliffany Name made
Melisa Name combination
Melissan Workforce
Meridian center, the center
Merridy Happy Song
Merrily happy
Meyshia Who is like God
Miakoda Power of the Moon Note: This database is Muse Creations Inc. Copyright 2
Micaella Who is like God
Michigan great lake
Migdana Sun
Migina Mon back
Mikaia Who is like God
Milani gentle caress
Miley Vine
Miliani Soft
Mily Loved by the people, merit, glory
Minaku Berry Wife
Minal fruit
Minnesota Water-colored sky
Minya eldest sister
Miracle Wonderful;
Mircea Peace
Mirian Sea of ​​bitterness
Misae white hot sun
Mississippi father of waters
Missouri Place
Missy Bee
Mist Water particles
Mitsis Wise
Mo Dark Complected
Moesha Pulled out of the water
Mona Noble
Monissa Advisor
Mony Advisor
Moral Beautiful thoughts
Morey Dark Complected
Muna Hope;
Mystery Inexplicable
Nachelle powerful woman
Nadie Wise (Algonquin)
Nakedra beautiful smart
Nakoma great warrior and great spirit
Namid Dancing star (Chippewa)
Napua the flowers
Nara the name of the city
Nascha owl
Cream-Akon canoe-ist specialist
Cream Speaker
Natane female child
Nature Elements of the natural world
Nayeli I love you
Naylene Care
Nebraska flatwater
Neena powerful
Nerice Nymph
Netanya gods gift
Neveah Heaven
Niabi Fawn Hunter spared by
Nichelle Conqueror of the people
Nicki victory
Niesha pure
Nikkol Victory of the people
Nilah Success
Nina the always clean, pure
Ninita girl
Nishelle Name made
Nita Bear (Choctaw)
Nitika gemstone angel
Noelani Heavenly Mist; Dew
Nokomis Grandmother (Chippewa)
Nolcha Sun
Noma A person who is similar to
Noralie God is my light
New Butterfly chases (Hopi).
Novalee New field
November Born in November
Nuna parents
Obedience to obey
Ogin Wild Rose
Ohio big River
Okalani Heaven
Ok oscar way
Okelani from the sky
Olencia Oliveira
Oliana My God answered
Olina variant of Olaf. In addition, a Hawaiian name that means "cheerful".
Olisa Oliveira
Ominotago Beautiful voice (Chippewa)
Oneida Standing Rock
Oni born in holy abode
Onida The only wanted
Oops owl
Orenda Great Spirit
Oya Wind warrior goddess
Pakuna Deer jumps down
Papina Ivy
Pati to break spinning
Pavati Clear water (Hopi)
Pebbles Small stones
Pepper Hot Spice
Perilla Herb type
Peta rock
Petunia flower
Picabo Shining Waters
Pink Light red color, healthy
Pocahontas Play
Polikwaptiwa Butterfly sitting on a flower (Hopi)
Poloma Bow (Choctaw)
Pooky Cute little person
Prairie flatland
Precious To be loved;
Prissy Old or Exaggerated Picky
Prophetess Prophet Man
Qiana God's grace
Quana aromatic
Quiana life with grace
Rain blessings from above
Rakeem Name made
Randilyn beautiful
Raylee Princess
Ree For short names ending in Ree or IPA
Reegan little king
Remedy Heal
Renati Regenerate
Renesmee Reborn and loved
Rhonda Rose;
Rishelle Rest
Rissa famous
Rogelyn Name made
Rogene Famous Spear
Ronalee The name of the Scottish city
Ronna Ruler Guides,
Rosine pink
Rowanne Small red (boys name), Rowan (single)
Roxie dawn
Roxy dawn
Roz Teutonic Poppy, snake horse,
Rumor Falsehood
Réanna Nymph
Sailor Boat Man
Sarane Graceful princess
Sashlyn Name made
Satinka Pure
Saturday Born on Saturday
Saviolla Name made
Savvy Smart
Sea Ocean
Sedna Sea goddess
Sedona Name made
September Born in September
Serissa Seraphim, Angel
Shada Pelican
Shadell Name made
Shako Mint
Shalan Name made
Shalon Flat compensation
Shanda God is merciful
Shandi God reconciled
Shanese God is merciful
Shanice fertile plain
Shanna The old way
Shanon God is with us
Shantell Song
Shaquanna Name made
Sharee Flat compensation
Sharell Flat compensation
Sharis Princes
Sharla Free
Sharlene Free
Sharne Desert simple
Shaunna God is with us
Shelbie sweet faithful amd
Shell Animal upholstery
Shenna Name made
Sherlyn Beloved, Beautiful
Sherrill lover
Shevaughn God is merciful
Shima mother
Shirina Love Song
Sidone He is heard
Sitala display memory
Skyller Heaven
Snow Snow
Sondra Defend
Sora Heaven
Sorina Composed;
Southern From the South
Sparkle Twinkle in Light
Suewinda Name made
Sugar Spice Doce Cristal
Sukey water lily
Summer summer
Sunday Born in
Suni loving, warm and sunny
Sunki To catch (Hopi)
Sunnie bring happiness to the sun in your life
Swoosie Half Swan, Half Goose
Syeira Princess
Syesha Name made
Syrita Sun
Tadi Wind
Taigi back new moon
Taini back moon
Tainn new Moon
Taipa span
Takala Corn Tassel
Splint Wolf
Talasi bluebottle
Talisa Dew
Talise Unknown
Talisha Combination of Talitha and Alisha
Tallulah . Famous Bearer: Tallulah Bankhead (1903 - 1968)
Talula water jump
Tama Thunder
Tamary spice or palm
Tambra Palm tree
Tamia Palm tree, herbs
Tamira Palm tree, herbs
Tamsyn A twin
Tamyra Palm tree, herbs
Tanesia Born in
Tanessa Name made
Taniel daniel fem shape
Tansy flower
Tasmine Twin
Tawana Able, robust
Tawnee A green field, the warm sand color of a lion
Tawny A green field, the warm sand color of a lion
Tayen new Moon
Tayla one
Taysia From Asia
Telissa Name made
tend Sensitive
Teneil Passionate Champion
Tennessee meeting
Terrahlyn wooden linden or hose shield
Terrica woman working on the harvest
Terryal Poderoso entre as pessoas, Calor / verão, a caçadora
Theanna Clement the Merciful
Thel On
Thrine the pure a
Timberly Bosynide of Cyneburg
Timea In honor of God
Tiona Fairy Queen
Tiponi Child of importance (Hopi)
Tiva Dance (Hopi)
Tivka Unknown
Tiwa onions
Tonya The priceless
Topanga Where the mountain meets the sea
Torie Conquer;
Trapper Hunter
Trianna Noble, graceful
Tristany Turmoil
Tropica Tropical, the islands
Twyla Twilight
Tyanne Eoghans country (a county in Ireland)
Ulani joyful
Unite one
Unique Only
Urika convenient for everyone
Utah mountain people
Valley between the mountains
Valterra earth fort
Vella beautiful
Velvet Soft fabric
Vianca variant of Bianca
Vicki Conquer;
Vicky Winner
Vilayna Name combination
Vivica lively, full of life
Vlora A city in Albania
Vyra truth
Wakanda has magical powers
Waki Shelter (Hopi)
Wandella tree
Waneta Loader
Wanika Gift from the gracious gods
Wasula Stormy
Wawa girl
Wednesday Born on Wednesday
Wenona Firstborn daughter Cree
Whisper Soft voice
Wicap-Wakan sacred star
Wihakayada The youngest daughter a little
Wihe Younger sister
Willene female guardian
Wind Moving air
Winema Boss
Wuti Woman (Hopi)
Wynona senior
Wynonna Oldest daughter
Xandy Alexander
Xaria gift of love
Yamka Blossom (Hopi)
Yank the name of Yancey
Yepa Winter Princess
Yetty house ruler
Yoki Rain (Hopi)
Zaltana High mountain
Zariah Princess
Zariel Name created
Zili My shadow
Zilli My shadow
Zimri sacred protégé
Zitkala Bird (Dakota)
Zoanne Life
Zonta Honest, trustworthy
Zyanya Forever and ever