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Today in this article, we will do a complete analysis on the Carol Me Teach English course, as the name says, taught by Carol Capel. Let's see the purpose of the course, its content, meet its author and see if the course really works.

Before we talk about the course, why don't we see a video of Carol herself?

Tudo sobre o curso de Carol Me Ensina Inglês

Purpose of Carol Teach Me English

It is a course prepared to take you to a real life environment, with situations really used in English. Learn English with a popular Youtuber using a new and unprecedented methodology created to meet the real challenges of speaking English outside Brazil.

The course methodology is my own methodology that I developed through my 12 years of experience teaching English. I often say that my methodology is based on the four functions of the language: Writing, Reading, Speaking and Understanding.

All of this based on the vast experience working with the University of Cambridge and the materials they produce. In addition, I find some inspiration in Oxford methodology, in real-life English situations and many other sources.

See a complete list of things that this course will provide students:

  • Introduce yourself and ask about personal information
  • Compare people and things
  • Communicate in informal and formal environments
  • Medical consultations and troubleshooting
  • Conversation about a wide range of interests
  • Talk about your well-being and health problems
  • Invite someone out
  • Describe a person's appearance and character
  • Describe your home and also decorating hotels and offices
  • Describe your work plans, vacations, etc.
  • Discuss the weather, count the hours, days of the week, dates
  • Understand the difference between writing informally and formally
  • Understand the IELTS mechanism
  • Job interview
  • Write letters to friends, formal letters
  • Write different types of letters
  • Write professional emails
  • Writing in direct and indirect speech
  • Write a story, compose complex texts
  • Write a complex essay
  • Write an essay essay
  • Specify the location of people and objects
  • Talking about different professions
  • Talk about the weather
  • Talk about your hobbies to favorite activities
  • Talk about your habits and preferences
  • Talk about your family and co-workers, talk about yourself
  • Place an order in restaurants and cafes
  • Going shopping
  • Go shopping alone
  • Maintain an elaborate telephone conversation in Portuguese and English
  • Improve your understanding of English
  • Get more information about international exams
  • Get your first international certificate
  • Get a higher grade on the IELTS exam
  • Ask for directions, ask about directions
  • Request information at the train station, airport and travel agency
  • Ask, suggest, command in Portuguese and English
  • Propose something, accept or decline someone's invitation
  • Hold meetings and conferences in Portuguese and English
  • Conduct a job interview in Portuguese and English
  • Take an international English test
  • Travel
Tudo sobre o curso de Carol Me Ensina Inglês

Carol Me Teaches English Content

The course Carol Teaches Me English it has numerous modules and ample content that will solve your problems and teach you everything you need to know. There are more than 300 video classes, with more being launched every time. Now see a list of topics studied in the course:

  • Let´s Get Started - Start Here!
  • About Search, self-manage and make connections
  • Don't use Google Translate!
  • How to download handouts - Tutorial
  • How to be part of the secret Facebook group
  • Sit your ass on the chair and study!
  • Basic Tips - Very Basic Tips - Part 1
  • Basic Tips - Very Basic Tips - Par 2
  • Go To - Who goes, goes to ...
  • Dates in Portuguese and English - How to use? How to speak?
  • English Numbers - Cardinals
  • English Numbers - Ordinals
  • Nouns - Gender
  • To Be (Verb)
  • There is & amp; There are
  • To Can (Modal Verb)
  • Simple Present
  • Writing About Yourself - Simple Present Task 1 (Correction)
  • Present Continuous - Uses, Affirmative, Negative and Interrogative
  • Supermarket Vocabulary Bonus
  • Bonus How to Start a Conversation
  • Bonus 10 Abreviations you Should Know
  • Articles
  • Articles Exercises
  • A vs. An
  • English with Music - Do You Wanna Dance Johnny Rivers
  • Bonus How to Watch Tv Shows in English
  • Bonus Christmas Vocabulary
  • Let´s Talk - Conversation Class - Basic 1
  • Extra Material - Reading Texts
  • Tips to Become a Self Learner - Tips for Learning English Alone
  • Listening Practice
  • English - Portuguese Glossary
  • How to write about your Daily Routine - Generalizations
  • The Alphabet, Vowels and Consonants - How to spell and uses
  • The Nature - Domestic and Farm Animals (Vocabulary and context class)
  • How old are you? How to talk about age in Portuguese and English
  • Plural Regular or Irregular
  • Speak in Portuguese and English: Speak, Talk, Say or Tell
  • Bonus 1 - House Appliances
  • Bonus 2- Kitchen Appliances
  • Bonus 3- Furniture
  • Bonus 4- Textiles
  • Bonus 5- Clothing
  • Describe your home
  • Very, Many, Much, A lot, Too - Adverbs of Intensity
  • Days of the week
  • Family
  • Verbs
  • English positions
  • Contractions in Portuguese and English
  • Uses of “it” in Portuguese and English
  • Ponto in Portuguese and English
  • Introduction
  • Shopping
  • Speaking shopping
  • Exercises about Refunds
  • Bonus Content - Extra
  • Hotels and Vocabulary
  • Hotels and Reservations
  • Airport and Security
  • Inside the Plane
  • Car Rental
  • Other
  • Simple Past - Regular and Irregular Verbs and uses
  • Past Continuous - Uses, Affirmative, Negative and Interrogative
  • Adjetives - Uses and Definitions
  • Also / Too / Either
  • Will & amp; Going To
  • Future Continuous
  • Bonus Office Vocabulary
  • Bonus How to Order in a Restaurant
  • To Have (Verb)
  • So and Such - How and when to use
  • Countable vs Uncountable - Much and Many
  • Comparatives and Superlatives - Uses, Definitions and More
  • Music Class - I Will Always Love You - Whitney Houston
  • Bonus Understanding the Verbal Tenses in English
  • Could, Should and Would (Modal Verbs)
  • This and That - These and Those
  • Possessive Pronouns - Of or ´s
  • Let´s Talk - Conversation Class - Basic II
  • Bonus How to Order in a Starbucks Store
  • AT, ON, IN - Prepositions of TIME
  • AT, ON, IN - Prepositions of PLACE
  • Pronunciation Class - Basic II
  • Music Class - Cold Water - Major Lazer Ft. Justin Bieber
  • Vocabulary - Weather (Related to climatic conditions)
  • The opposites in Portuguese and English - Antonyms
  • The uses of the word “SO”
  • When to use NO and NOT?
  • Anything, Something or Nothing?
  • Bonus 6 - Greetings
  • Bonus 7- Bored
  • Bonus 8 - How is your day
  • Bonus 9 - Tomorrow´s Plan
  • Bonus 10 - Yesterday
  • Bonus 11- Weather
  • Bonus 12 - Small Talk
  • Bonus 13 - Movies
  • Bonus 14 - Movie Types
  • Bonus 15 - Movie Discussion
  • Bonus 16 - Exercise and Gym
  • Extra: Countries and Nationalities
  • Sound of double vowels in Portuguese and English
  • Intermediate
  • Used to - How to use it!
  • Differences between: “I used to” and “I am used to”
  • Present Perfect - Uses, Definition and Much More
  • Present Perfect Vs. Simple Past
  • Present Perfect - For & amp; Since
  • Who, Whom, Whose
  • Bonus How to Answer the Phone
  • How to write a letter
  • 10 Work Expressions
  • Writting E-mails
  • Let´s Write an E-mail Together - Learn how to write an e-mail in English
  • Let´s Talk - Conversation Class - Intermediate
  • Lose Fear of Speaking English
  • Lose Fear of Speaking English in Public
  • English Dates
  • Ask for information & amp; Offer Suggestions
  • The four seasons of the year
  • Winter
  • Spring
  • -Summer
  • Fall / Autumn
  • Tag Question
  • Music Class - Shawn Mendes - Treat You Better
  • British English to American English Differences
  • Manner Adverbs
  • It rained in Portuguese and English - How do you say?
  • Remember or Remind?
  • Imperatve Verbs
  • Bonus 18 - Body Parts
  • Bonus 19 - Diet
  • Bonus 20 - Dating
  • Bonus 21 - Engagement
  • Bonus 22- Marriage
  • Bonus 23 - Sports
  • Bonus 24- Shopping
  • Bonus 25 - Jewerly
  • Bonus 26 - Feelings and Emotions
  • Bonus 27 - Feelings and Emotions - Part II
  • How to learn English with music
  • Advanced 1
  • Past Perfect
  • Present Perfect Continuous
  • Past Perfect Continuous
  • Future Perfect
  • Future Perfect Continuous
  • Bonus How to watch movies without subtitles
  • Let´s Talk - Conversation Class - Advanced
  • Introduction - Diseases and Health Problems
  • Sore and Ache - Parts of the Body and Pains
  • Sores and Aches
  • Body Parts
  • Understanding the Symptoms
  • Finding a solution
  • Liver Problems - How to speak about it (Causes, Symptoms)
  • Kidney Diseases - Urinary problems 1
  • Bladder Diseases - Urinary problems 2
  • Cold & amp; Flu - Vocabulary and More
  • Types of Medicines - Over the Counter and Prescription Drugs
  • Vocabulary Spring Allergies - Talking about allergies
  • Vocabulary Skin Allergies - Symptoms and more
  • Gastro Diseases - Stomach related problems
  • Muscle and Bones - Muscle and Bone Problems
  • Hearth Diseases - Heart, vein and artery problems
  • Emotional Diseases
  • Difference among: Pain - Ache - ill - Sick - Hurt
  • Whether Vs. If - When to Use?
  • Onomatopoeia in English
  • Transitional Words: Agreement/Addition/Similarity
  • Transitional Words: Opposition/Limitation/Contradiction
  • Transitional Words: Cause/Condition/Purpose
  • Transitional Words: Example/Support/Emphasis
  • Transitional Words: Effect/Consequence/Result
  • Transitional Words: Conclusion/Summary/Restatement
  • Transitional Words: Time/Chronology/Sequece
  • Transitional Words: Space/Location/Place
  • Onomatopoeia in Portuguese and English
  • Direct Speech
  • Indirect Speech
  • Passive voice
  • Bonus 28 - Family eating together, cooking
  • Bonus 29 - Grocery, Planning
  • Bonus 30 - Pet Care
  • Bonus 31 - Bank and Money, Managing
  • Bonus 32 - Mail, sending mail and receiving mail
  • Bonus 33 - House care and Outside
  • Bonus 34 - Phone, Home Phone, Cellphone
  • Bonus 35 - Driving a car, driving and maintenance
  • Bonus 36 - Dental care, Dentist Check Ups
  • Talk about your qualities
  • Talk about eating habits
  • Describe your appearance
  • Discover your home
  • How to invite someone to an event
  • How to accept or decline an invitation
  • Talk about your likes and deslikes
  • THE - Used for emphasis
  • When THE is unnecessary
  • Believe vs. Believe in
  • A or ONE - Before Numbers
  • Short Answers
  • CVC in ING - How to bend consonants in Portuguese and English
  • Bonus 38 - Pediatric Care
  • Bonus 39 - School Kids and After School
  • Bonus 40 - Birthday
  • Bonus 41 - Vacations
  • Bonus 42 - Family and Friends
  • Bonus 43 - Pregnancy
  • Bonus 44 - Neighbors
  • Bonus 45 - Organizing Time
  • Bonus 46 - Habits and Health
  • Bonus 47 - Sleeping and Dreaming
  • Bonus 48 - Hair Cut and Massage
  • Bonus 49 - Books and Magazines
  • Expert
  • First Expert Class - Module Presentation
  • Conditionals - How to do
  • Present Real Conditional - 1st Conditional
  • Present Unreal Conditional - 1st Conditional
  • Present Real Conditional - 2nd Conditional
  • Present Unreal Conditional - 2nd Conditional
  • Present Real Conditional - 3rd Conditional
  • Present Unreal Conditional - 3rd Conditional
  • Past Real Conditional - 1st Conditional
  • Past Unreal Conditional - 1st Conditional
  • Past Real Conditional - 2nd Conditional
  • Past Unreal Conditional - 2nd Conditional
  • Past Real Conditional - 3rd Conditional
  • Past Unreal Conditional - 3rd Conditional
  • Future Real Conditional - 1st Conditional
  • Future Unreal Conditional - 1st Conditional
  • Future Real Conditional - 2nd Conditional
  • Future Unreal Conditional - 2nd Conditional
  • Future Real Conditional - 3rd Conditional
  • Future Unreal Conditional - 3rd Conditional
  • Were to
  • Mixed Conditionals
  • Phrasal Verbs
  • Bring
  • Call
  • Cheer
  • Eats
  • Cut
  • Drop
  • Fall
  • Fill
  • Get
  • Give
  • Go
  • Grow
  • Hang
  • Hold
  • Log
  • Look
  • Pay
  • Put
  • Take
  • Turn
  • Warm
  • Work
  • Extra Reading Materials
  • English with Music: Take me to Church - Hozier
  • Tips to improve your fluency
  • Tips to Improve your pronunciation
  • Selected Stories to Read
  • Vocabulary: Kind of, Sort of, Type of, Style of
  • Easter in English
  • Vocabulary
  • Among or Between
  • People, Person or Persons
  • Improve your Vocabulary - Don´t say LIKE or DON´T LIKE
  • Formal or Informal English?
  • How to Remember - Vocabulary
  • Who, What, When, How, Where and Which
  • Travel Vocabulary
  • Restaurant Vocabulary
  • Borrow or Lend?
  • Despite, In spite of or Although?
  • Affect or Effect?
  • Personal or Personnel?
  • Difference between Small and Little
  • Unless or Except - What's the difference?
  • City or Town?
  • Shall or Will?
  • Whenever, whatever, whoever, whatsoever, whichever and however
  • Doubt vs. Question
  • 100 words to be advanced
  • Know or meet
  • Weather Expressions
  • Email Expressions
  • How to write a professional email
  • IELTS Preparatory
  • English International Certificate - How it works?
  • IELTS - International English Learning Test
  • Tips for Getting a Higher Mark on IELTS
  • How does the IELTS works?
  • IELTS Listening
  • IELTS Reading
  • IELTS Writing
  • IELTS Speaking
  • IELTS Reading - True, False or Not Given?
  • IELTS Writing - How to Give your Opinion
  • IELTS Writing - How to get a higher mark on Task 1
  • IELTS Writing - How to get a higher mark on Task 2
  • IELTS Writing - The Importance of Task 2
  • IELTS Speaking - Get Over the Nervous!
  • IELTS Speaking - Divide into Parts and Success
  • IELTS Listening - 40 questions, divided into parts, understand how it works and get a better grade
  • IELTS Study Routine

* All information was taken from the OFFICIAL SITE.

Tudo sobre o curso Carol Me Ensina Inglês

About the author of Carol Me Teach English

Carol Capel é formada em Administração de Finanças pela Universidade de São Caetano do Sul, com pós-graduação em Marketing pela University of Florida – Miami e possui um MBA Executivo pela HSM – Uma das maiores escolas de gerenciamento do Brasil e do mundo fundada por Philip Kotler. 

He has worked for major multinational and Brazilian companies such as: Walt Disney Company Brasil, Tv Globo, Johnson & amp; Johnson, Allianz Seguros and is currently an investment manager with a Polish-based holding company. 

She has been an English teacher at major schools in Brazil such as CNA and Cultura Inglesa, but has achieved great prominence by teaching executives and companies outside Brazil. 

Atualmente é certificada pela Universidade de Cambridge e pelo IDP Australia, através British Council, certificação IELTS – General Training com nota 8.5. Carol estuda inglês desde os 16 anos de idade e aprendeu por conta própria e desenvolveu seu próprio método de ensino. 

The author is an experienced expert in the field in which he currently works, his credibility is given by the results of his students and by his enormous reach on social networks and internet sites. about the author and his career.

For those who want to know a little more about the Carol Me Teach English course before buying, I recommend that you watch the videos on the official website and on social networks and youtube channel. Links are available on the buttons scattered throughout the post.

Tudo sobre o curso Carol Me Ensina Inglês

Benefits of Carol Teaches Me English

The advantages of doing Carol Teaches Me English there are thousands. You can take classes at your study speed, you have all the time in the world to finish classes and you can study at any time and as many times as you want, in any location.

Is the Carol Teach Me English course really worth it? The results of the Carol Me Teach English course are entirely up to you. There is no point in buying a course if you do not take advantage of it. Dedication is mandatory!

Thankfully, the Carol Me Teaches English course is completely online. Thus providing numerous benefits such as:

Practicality - You learn anytime you want.
The client will not have to spend time getting around to make use of the course Carol Teaches Me English.
The Carol Me Teaches English course can be opened from any cell phone and tablet.
The Creator has all the time to dedicate himself to the students of the course. 
Support email to assist and answer questions throughout the course.
Easier to learn the content.
Audio, text and video classes to get you out of the routine.
Classes full of tasks for you to polish your intellect on the subject.
Tudo sobre o curso Carol Me Ensina Inglês

Is Carol Teach Me English Reliable?

It is normal to be unsure when it comes to online courses. This is entirely normal! You can't trust any online course.

Luckily the Carol Me Teaches English course is distributed by the online course platform entitled Hotmart. This company is responsible for distributing 90% of the online courses in Brazil along with other trusted platforms called Monetizze, Udemy and Eduzz.

If a problem arises, you are insured by Hotmart's consumer warranty. Just ask for a refund and you get your money back in your account. The warranty on Hotmart products usually lasts for 7, 15 or 30 days.

You can claim a full refund of the purchase within the warranty period shown on the official pages of the Carol Me Teach English course. With the guarantee, your risk of losing money is ZERO.

Tudo sobre o curso Carol Me Ensina Inglês

Carol Me Teaches English Course Questions

After seeing that the Carol Me Teach English course is reliable and worthwhile, you may still have some doubts and questions about the EAD course. Perhaps because online courses are something completely new to you. Contemplate some questions answered below:

1 - Is EAD Course easier than classroom course?

Usually face-to-face courses tend to be inferior to Online courses, because the teacher needs to speak to several students at the same time, every day. In Online, he makes a single content for many people.

This allows it to cover more issues, create more material. Face-to-face classes are designed to earn for tuition, so you won't be learning fast. It ends up leaving 10x more expensive than any distance course.

2 - Will I be able to learn from the Course?

Like a school course, if you do not attend classes and do not engage in exercise, there is no guarantee that you will learn. The online courses have a perfect structure and content, learning will depend on the student!

3 - What are the payment methods for Carol Me Teach English?

Several payment options through Boleto, Paypal, Cards and others. Single or installment payment up to 12x!

4 - If there are questions?

Generally the courses offered by the platform contain support by email and social networks, in addition to an exclusive group of students and a comment field to leave questions during the course.

5 - Where do I find the cheapest Carol Me Teach English course?

To acquire access to the exclusive members area at the best price, just access one of the buttons highlighted in this review.

All buttons are Official, making the purchase process super secure. After {validation | confirmation, which is usually quick, except in the boleto. Once confirmed you will receive in your email the data to access the student platform.


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The hotmart, monetizze and eduzz course platforms give total security to the buyer. The creator of the course has all the time in the world to manufacture the best content for the student. So we just have to start getting the Carol Teaches Me English.

The knowledge on any subject and the probable benefits will lack the person's dedication. Everything will depend only on you! With this in mind, we will grant you some points to meditate on your learning.

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Develop what you understand.
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Create a layout that's fun.

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