731 Law Research Paper Topics Ideas

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In this editorial we will provide a complete list of suggestions for Monographs and TCCs of Law. The list also shares ideas and themes for other academic work such as fact sheets, scientific articles, abstracts and many others. I hope you make good use of this giant list of ideas for work in law training.

The decision on the subject of Law is the most significant decision that the student needs to make for a good development of the Academic Work, which ends up culminating in some schism and questions.

Out of the thousands of selections of ideas for a CBT or Monograph, an assertive choice will ensure that the trainee prepares their CBT with much more dexterity and less hassle.

Before we show you the list of themes for the Law monograph, I intend to indicate things to help your work.

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Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, TCC e Monografia de Direito

Tips for Law Jobs

See now some tips for creating your academic work in Law, great tips for your Monograph or TCC:

  • If you already work or know how you want to work, look for topics related to your area of interest. You need to have something to do with the topic;
  • Also look in the bibliography, check if there is enough reference material for this topic of CBT;
  • Consult your Professor – It is important that the guiding Professor agrees with the topic;

Themes and Ideas for TCC and Law Monograph

See below some suggestions for topics to do academic papers such as TCC and Law Monograph:

  1. The Autonomy of the Will and the Fundamental Rights
  2. Clearing credits in bankruptcy
  3. The constitutionality of the CPMF
  4. The constitutionality of the Differentiated Disciplinary Regime - RDD
  5. Direct contracting in bidding processes
  6. The substantial conversion of the legal transactionSent by Luis Alexandre Santiago
  7. Children and adolescents in the legal system
  8. Anonymous Reporting and Criminal Investigation
  9. The effectiveness of bilateral international agreements that prohibit double taxationSent by Pedro Ilan da Silva Andrade The legal nature of tollsSent by Fernanda Brasil
  10. The effectiveness of fundamental rights Submitted by Mateus Castriani
  11. The inspection of public accounts by the Court of AuditorsSent by Sara Regina Rodolfo
  12. The Normative Strength of International Treaties
  13. The social function of propertySubmitted by Leonardo Leandro Ruwer
  14. The social function of the contractSent by Welison Fabrício Tonelli
  15. The Socio-Environmental Function of Property
  16. The strike and civil servantsSent by Eduardo Cassou
  17. The unseizability of the family propertySubmitted by Welison Fabricio Tonelli
  18. Compensation for expropriation for land reform purposes .Sent by Laércio de Arimathéa Soares
  19. The Indivisibility and Interdependence of Fundamental Rights
  20. The unenforceability of a bid in the contract for a notorious specializationSent by Paulo Rogério de Oliveira
  21. The observance of human rights in international contracts
  22. The sharing of assets in the dissolution of the stable union
  23. The Death Penalty in Brazil and Comparative Law
  24. The legal personality
  25. The prescription and forfeiture of the right to launch the tax credit on taxes subject to the homologation regime Submitted by David Elmôr
  26. The intercurrent prescription in the execution processSubmitted by Alexandre Longato
  27. The Civil Prison of the Unfaithful TrusteeSent by Carolina Bomfim
  28. The maintenance debtor's civil prison Submitted by Franciny
  29. Civil Prison in Brazilian and Comparative Law
  30. The progressivity of real taxes and the Constitutional Amendment n/Sent by Otilia Ribeiro de Oliveira The division of tax revenue
  31. Constitutional protection of DNA
  32. The Protection of the Right to Image
  33. Testimonial Evidence in the Brazilian Criminal Procedure
  34. Refusal to accept blood transfusion
  35. The waiver of food
  36. The civil liability of shopping centers
  37. The subsidiary responsibility of grandparents in supplementing food Submitted by Melissa Falcão
  38. Is Revocation of Social Rights Possible?
  39. Public safety and the civil responsibility of the State
  40. The Theory of Fundamental Rights Generations
  41. The Existential Minimum Theory
  42. The Ownership of Fundamental Rights by the State or legal entities governed by public law
  43. The Ownership of Fundamental Rights by Non-Brazilian Foreigners
  44. The Ownership of Fundamental Rights by Legal Entities
  45. The Universality of Human Rights and Multiculturalism
  46. Abortion - controversial aspects
  47. Abortion and anencephalic fetusSent by Leandro Persson
  48. Abortion in the case of rape and deadline for choosing the pregnant woman
  49. Abuse of authority
  50. Work accident
  51. Additional for unhealthy and hazardous conditions Submitted by Danilo Faria
  52. Additional hardship Submitted by Josué Felismino de Moura
  53. Award in execution
  54. Brazilian Indirect Administration
  55. Direct and indirect public administration
  56. Appeal admissibility in the Superior Courts Submitted by Flavia Roselli
  57. Adolescent Offender and Human Rights
  58. Adoption
  59. child adoption from another country
  60. Adoption of Children by Gay Couples
  61. Adoption intuitu personaeSent by Graziele Freitas
  62. Adoption by homosexual couples Submitted by Sérgio Filho
  63. Adoption by homosexuals
  64. public agents
  65. Regulatory Agencies Submitted by Ari Crispim dos Anjos Júnior
  66. Closing claims
  67. Chattel mortgage Submitted by Douglas
  68. Judicial alienation
  69. Foods
  70. Transgenic foods
  71. Almeida Santos
  72. name change
  73. Amendments to the Articles of Incorporation
  74. Threats to Fundamental Rights in the Anti-Terror Era
  75. Domestic animals as goods and subjects of law
  76. Annulment of marriage
  77. Analysis of the Constitutionality of the “Abatement Law” (Aircraft Destruction Shooting Law): violation of the right to life?
  78. Analysis of the Constitutionality of Videoconference Interrogation
  79. Legal Analysis of Blood Transfusion in Jehovah's Witnesses
  80. Legal Analysis of Homoaffective Relationships
  81. Legal Analysis of Assistance Benefits
  82. affective sponsorship
  83. application of the penalty
  84. By disability retirement
  85. Allegation of non-compliance with a fundamental precept
  86. Archiving of police inquiry
  87. protective arrest
  88. listing of goods
  89. Affirmative actions and the principle of equality. Submitted by Chrystyen Bastos Fernandes
  90. State Companies in Court
  91. The Special Subjection Relations
  92. Controversial Aspects of the Fiscal Responsibility Law
  93. Legal aspects of biodiversity
  94. Legal aspects of artificial human sterilization
  95. Legal aspects of re-election
  96. Legal aspects of assisted human reproduction.
  97. Legal Aspects of Stable Union
  98. Legal Aspects of Environmental Licensing
  99. Legal aspects of the will
  100. Criminal Aspects of the Bidding Law
  101. Assistance
  102. Immaterial assistance between spouses
  103. free legal assistance
  104. Moral harassment in labor relationsSubmitted by Cristiane
  105. Harassment at work
  106. Sexual harassment
  107. Alderman's activity.
  108. Criminal Activities and Freedom of Association
  109. administrative act
  110. non-existent act
  111. unlawful acts
  112. Judicial police performance
  113. environmental audit
  114. Court hearing
  115. Autonomy of mental illness patient's will
  116. Autonomy of Will and Contraception
  117. Autonomy of the Will and "Crimes without a Victim"
  118. administrative authorization
  119. Early warning
  120. Annulment action
  121. Ex-delicto civil actionSent by Anna Edesa Lins
  122. punitive action
  123. food action
  124. Lawsuit for payment
  125. deposit action
  126. Expropriation Action
  127. Eviction lawsuit
  128. Possession Immission ActionSubmitted by Roney Ferreira de Oliveira
  129. Action of accountability
  130. declaratory action
  131. tax action
  132. Monitoring Action Submitted by Gabriela
  133. Paulian action
  134. criminal action
  135. Unconditional Public Criminal Action Submitted by Claudio
  136. Popular action: the need for a revisit in light of fundamental rights Submitted by ProfCarlos
  137. claim action
  138. Renewal action
  139. termination action
  140. review action
  141. Affirmative Actions (quotes for blacks and public school students)
  142. possessory actions
  143. Actions detrimental to execution
  144. Bank of hours Submitted by Maisa
  145. legal asset
  146. public goods
  147. Bigamy Submitted by Magna R Souza
  148. BIO-RIGHT:
  149. Biopiracy: environmental and legal aspectsSubmitted by Farckson williams RFerreira
  150. Good faith in civil lawSubmitted by Lilian Nava
  151. Search and seizure
  152. Scope of the experience contract for the domestic servant
  153. civil capacity
  154. Medical error characters
  155. Characteristics
  156. Characteristics of the work process
  157. Marriage
  158. Gay Marriage in Brazil and Comparative Law
  159. cause i asked
  160. Excluding causes of illegalitySubmitted by Welison Fabrício Tonelli
  161. injunction
  162. Call to the Citation process
  163. rebus sic stantibus clause
  164. Abusive Clauses in the Adhesion Agreement
  165. Abusive Clauses in the Lease Agreement
  166. stone clauses
  167. Collision of Fundamental Rights and Solution Techniques Principle of Practical Agreement (Harmonization)
  168. Prior conciliation commissionsSent by Nivea
  169. Competence of the Labor Court after CE / Submitted by charles santana de oliveira
  170. criminal jurisdiction
  171. Territorial jurisdiction of the Labor Court
  172. Active tax jurisdiction
  173. Municipal Legislative Powers
  174. granting of mandate
  175. public service concession
  176. Conciliation in individual agreements
  177. agent competition
  178. crime contest
  179. Conviction of pregnant women
  180. condominium by law
  181. Condominium in fact
  182. Connection
  183. Conflict of competence
  184. Taxpayers' Councils: legal possibility of appealing decisionsSubmitted by Gustavo Pereira Andrade Crime of tax evasion
  185. Consent of the offended
  186. smuggling and embezzlement
  187. Illegal hiring of public servants
  188. administrative contract
  189. Experience contract
  190. Franchising Agreement
  191. insurance contract
  192. Sports employment contract Submitted by Rodrigo Ely Soares de Barros
  193. bank employment contract
  194. intermittent employment contract
  195. Fixed-term employment contract
  196. temporary employment contract
  197. Banking Contracts
  198. adhesion contracts
  199. Public-Private Partnership Agreements Submitted by Bernardo Simas
  200. union contributions
  201. Control of the home-office professional's working hours
  202. constitutional review
  203. Judicial Control of Public Policies
  204. collective agreement
  205. Cooperative and labor law
  206. partial correction
  207. Quotas for blacks and browns at universities
  208. crime of abuse of authority
  209. adultery crime
  210. Money Laundering Crime
  211. piracy crime
  212. torture crime
  213. Crime of tortureSubmitted by Marina Aliende Julião
  214. impossible crime
  215. Organized crime
  216. Crime committed by indigenous
  217. Crimes against public administration
  218. crimes against honor
  219. Crimes against the economic order
  220. Crimes against the tributal order
  221. Crimes against intellectual property
  222. Crimes against fauna and flora
  223. Racism crimes
  224. traffic crimes
  225. White Collar Crimes Submitted by Thiago de Almeida
  226. Election crimes
  227. Heinous crimes
  228. internet crimes
  229. Passionate crimes Submitted by Caren Luzia Mello
  230. Crimes committed by the military
  231. Crimes committed by women victims of domestic violence
  232. Criteria for the Arbitration of Moral Damage
  233. special curator
  234. Guardianship
  235. Stem cell Hope for recovery? Submitted by Janaina de Oliveira
  236. The unconstitutionality of the use of stem cells in view of the principle of human dignitySubmitted by Fernanda
  237. Moral damage
  238. Collective Moral Damage Submitted by Guilherme Martins Cordeiro
  239. Moral damage of the legal entity Submitted by Lucila
  240. Moral damage and improper inclusion of the debtor
  241. Moral damage in the family relationshipSubmitted by Adriana Caxeixa Alfaia
  242. Moral damage in marriageSubmitted by Adriana Caxeixa Alfaia
  243. public defense
  244. Defense of indigenous rights
  245. Defense in civil proceedings
  246. Winning StatementSent by rafael benetty
  247. Trifle crimes
  248. Voluntary resignation
  249. Denunciation of the dispute
  250. re-retirement
  251. Expropriation
  252. Property expropriation
  253. DESCS (economic, social and cultural rights)
  254. Human Dignity and Stem Cell Research
  255. Ethical-legal dilemmas of cloning
  256. Objective Dimension of Fundamental Rights
  257. Right to Privacy on the Internet
  259. Vested right
  260. Right Acquired Against Constitutional Amendment
  261. music copyright
  264. Right to strike
  265. surface right
  266. Minimum labor law
  267. LABOR LAW:
  268. Law and Euthanasia
  269. business law
  271. Enemy's criminal lawSent by Vinícius Cardos Medina Gomes
  275. TAX LAW:
  276. Right to youth and adult education in Brazil
  277. Right to Equality: Women in the Armed Forces
  278. Right to Equality: homosexuals in the armed forces
  279. Image right
  280. Image Rights and the Paparazzi
  281. right to information
  282. right to privacy
  283. Right to Life and Therapeutic Abortion (anencephaly and other cases)
  284. Right to Life and Euthanasia
  285. Women rights
  286. Personality rightsSubmitted by Welison Fabrício Tonelli
  287. rights of the unborn child
  288. Patient Rights Submitted by Jaime Vianna
  289. Fundamental Rights and Stone Clauses
  290. Fundamental Rights and Legislative Omissions
  291. Human Rights of Armed Conflicts
  292. human rights of prisoners
  293. human rights and armed conflicts
  294. human rights and fundamental rights
  295. human rights and genocide
  296. human rights and the penitentiary system
  298. Social Security and Inheritance Rights of Homosexual Couples
  299. Real warranty rights
  300. Social rights in FC/
  301. discretion
  302. Discrimination by sexual option
  303. Dismissal for cause
  304. individual agreement
  305. Income distribution and taxation
  306. Divorce
  307. From parole Submitted by Gustavo Mantovan Silva
  308. The labor rights of day laborers
  309. Dumping and International Trade
  310. Patrimonial effects of concubinage
  311. Judicial effectiveness of DESCs (health, education, housing, etc.)
  312. Effectiveness of civil procedure
  313. Civil effectiveness of the criminal sentence
  314. Effectiveness of the injunction
  315. Horizontal Effectiveness of Fundamental Rights
  316. Emancipation of Minor ChildrenSubmitted by Jessica Christina
  317. Motion for clarification
  318. Third party embargoes
  319. Debtor's Embargoes
  320. Motions to execution
  321. Amend or Redo? A reflection on constituent powerSubmitted by Prof Mônica Mello
  322. constitutional amendments
  323. Housekeeper
  324. Domestic Employer and Social Security
  325. compulsory loan
  326. Submitted by Adriana Pacio
  327. Submitted by Cassia Rossana Guidugli
  328. wage parity
  329. Medical error
  330. penal schools
  331. release species
  332. Temporary stabilitySent by daisa rizzo
  333. state of need
  334. City Statute
  335. Brazilian criminal statistics
  336. Strict compliance with legal duty
  337. crime structure
  338. RapeSent by Christiano Marinho
  339. Paid internship: cheap labor camouflage Submitted by Marina Fernando Parreira Vacations
  340. Euthanasia
  341. Euthanasiasubmitted by Tatiana Rocco
  342. tax evasion
  343. Historic evolution
  344. Excesses in self-defense
  345. Incompetence, suspension and impediment exception
  346. Pre-execution exception
  347. Exclusion of tax credit
  348. Execution against Public Treasury
  349. Execution of the sentenceSent by Altair Gonçalves
  350. tax foreclosure
  351. Penal execution
  352. Criminal Execution – Situation of the prison system and serving the sentenceSent by Hudson Carlos
  353. labor enforcement
  354. Regular exercise of the right
  355. Extinction of Punishment
  356. false testimony
  357. False Witness in the Process
  358. surrogate family
  359. Fazoli
  360. Federalism
  361. Federalization of serious crimes Submitted by Lorena Carla MPereira
  362. Fernandes
  363. FGTS
  364. trust
  365. municipal finance
  366. Flexibility of labor relations
  367. Privileged forum
  368. foundations
  369. Social Function of Usucapião in Devolutas Lands Submitted by Rodrigo Douglas Corrêa
  370. Warranties and Constitutional Remedies Submitted by Sheila
  371. Procedural Guarantees
  372. asset management
  373. Tips
  374. Shared custody of children
  375. Shared custody: advantages and disadvantages Submitted by Taina Paiva
  376. Habeas corpus: action or resource? – Submitted by Manoel Aselmo da Fonseca Neto
  377. Habeas data
  378. Heritage
  379. hermeneutics
  380. Mortgage
  381. Tax Incidence Hypothesis
  382. Qualified homicide
  383. Homophobia: combating discrimination or promoting homosexuality? – Sent by elias duck keys
  384. Approval of foreign judgment
  385. Overtime
  386. traveling hours
  387. http://www.saraivajur.com.br/menuEsquerdo/espacoUniversitarioTemas.aspx THEMES FOR MONOGRAPH
  388. Equality
  389. Environmental and legal impacts of transgenic foods
  390. Impeachment
  391. Unseizability of the family asset
  392. tax imposition
  393. residual tax
  394. single tax
  395. Import and Export Taxes
  396. Administrative dishonesty
  397. Administrative improbity and suspension of political rights
  398. imputability
  399. parliamentary immunity
  400. tax immunity
  401. Displacement of Jurisdiction Incident in Cases of Serious Crimes against Human Rights
  402. Incident of mental insanity of the accused
  403. Compensation for pain and suffering in the Labor Court
  404. Unenforceability of different conduct
  405. Infanticide Submitted by Fernanda
  406. tax infractions
  407. Imputability
  408. Inimputability: mental insanity of the accusedSubmitted by Fernanda Tombolato Latrocínio
  409. civil inquiry
  410. Police Inquiry and the Public Prosecutor's OfficeSent by Fabio Cabral
  411. federal police inquiry
  412. military police investigation
  413. Telephone interceptSent by Lívia Batista Valle da Rocha Jardim
  414. Telephone Interception in Brazilian Law
  415. prohibitory prohibition
  416. interdiction
  417. Interpretation and application of the Constitution in accordance with the STF's new understanding of the concept of law
  418. Interruption of pregnancy in cases of anencephaly: crime or unenforceability of adverse conduct? - Sent by
  419. Third party intervention
  420. Third party intervention in the work process
  421. State intervention in the economic domain
  422. Invalidation of the legal act
  423. paternity investigation
  424. IPI
  425. property tax
  426. Non-retroactivity of laws and acquired rights
  427. workday
  428. Special Criminal Court
  429. Special civil court
  430. Virtual Special CourtSubmitted by Jardon Souza Maia Contentious Jurisdiction
  431. Juliana Speck
  432. voluntary jurisdiction
  433. Employee's Just Cause
  434. Employer's Just Cause
  435. Therapeutic Justice and the Alternative Penalty Submitted by Tatiane Carvalho da Silva
  436. Popular jury
  437. Tax posting
  438. self defense
  439. Law .de: reservation for blacks and browns in competitions
  440. arbitration law
  441. bidding law
  442. Law on Private Health Care Plans
  443. General Data Protection Law
  444. Maria da Penha Law
  445. extrajudicial auction
  446. Bodily injury
  447. Freedom
  448. Freedom of Speech and Hate Speech
  449. Freedom of Expression and Pornography
  450. Freedom of Expression and Propaganda
  451. Freedom of Speech versus Personality Rights
  452. Freedom of the Press and Disclosure of Confidential Documents
  453. Freedom of the Press and Dissemination of Illicitly Obtained Evidence
  454. Freedom of Movement and Vehicle Rotation
  455. Freedom of Movement and the “Collect”
  456. Provisional release
  457. Maternity leave
  458. Bidding for Public Service Concession
  459. Injunction in writ of mandamus
  460. Preliminary injunction
  461. Limitations on the power to tax
  462. judgment settlement
  463. bad faith litigator
  464. joinder
  465. LitispedenciaSubmitted by Thais Sainnara Fde Moraes
  466. Conditional releaseSent by Gustavo Mantovan Silva Legal ageSent by Ana Claudia D Rocha
  467. Lease of urban real estate
  468. lockout
  469. writ of injunction
  470. writ of mandamus
  471. Martins
  472. Security measure
  473. protective measure
  474. Provisional Measures
  475. Means of integrating tax legislation
  476. Form of Bidding: Invitation LetterSent by Jeane Silva
  477. fake currency
  478. Collective negotiationsSubmitted by Milton Ferreira da Silva
  479. Juridic business
  480. causal link
  481. Nomination to authorship
  482. on fundamental rights Submitted by ProfaMônica Mello
  483. New Bankruptcy Law in Brazilian Law
  484. Nullities
  485. o – Complaints in cases of disrespect to the Binding Summary;
  486. o – Injury to honor through the press: right of reply;
  487. o – Constitutional protection of freedoms: popular action;
  488. abortion for anencephaly
  489. Legal Access to Medicinal Cannabis
  490. Access to Justice as a Fundamental Right
  491. sexual harassment at work
  492. The Right of Non-Self-Incrimination
  493. The right to stability of pregnant domestic servantsSent by Monique Abreu Union organization
  494. The intent and guilt in criminal lawSent by Carlos Augusto Galvão Cônsoli
  495. The error in criminal law
  496. The Impact of the COVID- Pandemic on the Prison System in Brazil
  497. The role of the State Attorney in 21st Century society;
  498. The principle of good faith in the formation of contractsSubmitted by Welison Fabrício Tonelli
  499. The principle of minimal intervention Submitted by Eduardo Marques
  500. The principle of proportionality and constitutional review.
  501. The Principle of Reservation of the Possible
  502. The principle of transcendence in the journal resourceSent by Cláudio Cristovão da Silva
  503. The Principle of Prohibition of Social Setback in Brazil and in Comparative Law
  504. Recognition of common-law marriage between people of the same sexSubmitted by Michelle Nde Souza Usucapião in Brazilian law
  505. The International Criminal Court created by the Treaty of Rome and Brazilian Constitutional Law
  506. o – Constitutional guidelines relating to health.
  507. o – Reasonable duration of the process and State responsibility;
  508. o – Exercising of a position commissioned by a compulsory retired public servant;
  509. tax obligation
  510. economic order in the constitution
  511. Origin of Peoples' Rights
  512. Public Budget in Brazilian Law
  513. The Customs and the Positivation of Law
  514. crimes on the internet
  515. Journalists and the Freedom of Profession: the problem of mandatory journalism diplomas for the exercise of the activity
  516. Musicians and the Freedom of Profession: the problem of mandatory registration of professional musicians in the Ordem dos Músicos do Brasil
  517. prenuptial agreement
  518. Paradigms and fundamentals of the penaltySent by Ranyelle Thainã de Almeida Souza PedophiliaSent by Eliane Rodrigues Araújo
  519. Parafiscality
  520. Public and private partnership in prisons
  521. profit sharing
  522. Request
  523. Death penalty
  524. fine penalty
  525. Alternative penalties
  526. pledge on execution
  527. Online attachmentSent by Alessandro Dutra
  528. Online attachmentSent by Cermen Sutilli
  529. Online lien on tax foreclosureSent by Sandra Caixeta Principle of non-retroactivity of taxes
  530. Alimony and its implications for Brazilian law
  531. court pardon
  532. Legal profile of organ and tissue transplantation
  533. public service permit
  534. Criminal persecutionSent by Altair Gonçalves
  535. Judge's Power of Decision
  536. police power
  537. regulatory power
  538. Powers and limitations of the CPI
  539. by Matthew
  540. Illegal possession of a firearmSubmitted by Luciano Lautert
  541. Possession - acquisition and loss
  542. Possibility of partial wage garnishment Submitted by joao soares
  543. Racial prejudice
  544. Electronic Trading Submitted by Luciano Henrique
  545. prequestioning
  546. Prescription in labor law
  547. Prescription in criminal law
  548. Virtual prescription and the State's interest in actingSent by Diego Lôbo
  549. Virtual or advance prescription
  550. procedural assumptions
  551. Presumption of Innocence and Provisional Execution of the Criminal Sentence
  552. Presumption of innocence and provisional arrest
  553. Presumption of Innocence and Registration of Candidacy of "Ficha-Sojas"
  554. Presumption of Innocence in Brazilian and Comparative Law
  555. Social Security for Public Servants
  556. Principle of Insignificance or BagatelaSent by Camila Oliveira
  557. principle of legality
  558. Principle of Prohibition of Abuse of Fundamental Rights Waiver of Fundamental Rights
  559. Principle of Proportionality
  560. Core Core Protection Principle
  561. Jurisdiction Reserve Principle
  562. Principle of due legal tax process
  563. Principle of the judge's free conviction
  564. Constitutional principles
  565. Constitutional principles of criminal lawSent by Leonardo Bianchini Morais Prison in flagranteSent by Ivan de Souza Santos
  566. Principles of Criminal Execution
  567. Principles of proof
  568. Principles of administrative law
  569. Principles of labor law
  570. Principles of Civil Procedural Law
  571. Principles of criminal procedure
  572. Imprisonment of the unfaithful depositarySent by Adilson Cândido de Oliveira
  573. arrest in the act
  574. special prison
  575. Pre-trial detention
  576. temporary prison
  577. open prisons
  578. provisional arrests
  579. Prison privatization
  580. Privatization of the Brazilian Penitentiary System Submitted by José Carlos
  581. Legal problems arising from sex change
  582. administrative procedure
  583. jury procedure
  584. monitoring procedure
  585. ordinary procedure
  586. Extreme procedure
  587. Summary procedure
  588. Constitutional processSubmitted by Diogo Verri Garcia
  589. Electronic process Submitted by Marília Silva Rangel Meira Early production of proofs
  590. legislative process
  591. judicial power of attorney
  592. Profa MsNuria Cabral – Orientation for Course Conclusion Work – Law
  593. Regime progression in the RDD (differentiated disciplinary regime) Submitted by Juliane Canani Ramos Illicit evidence
  594. Regime progression in heinous crimesSent by Cicero Augusto Milan
  595. Prohibition of Torture: Absolute or Relative Guarantee?
  596. Outsourcing bill and the precariousness of public service
  597. Property and Legal Security
  598. Political Protest and Nudity: Is Anything Going to Get Attention?
  599. Protection of the Indian in Brazil
  600. Transsexual protection
  601. illegal evidence
  602. Illicit evidence by derivation
  603. evidence in criminal proceedings
  604. testimonial evidence
  605. abusive advertising
  606. fatherland power
  607. harmful issue
  608. incident issues
  609. Complaints and administrative appeals
  610. Recognition of Multiparenthood
  611. Counterclaim
  612. adhesive feature
  613. grievance appeal
  614. Appeal
  615. Magazine resource
  616. Appeal in the strict sense
  617. Special resource
  618. extraordinary resource
  619. Ordinary constitutional appeal
  620. Administrative Resources Submitted by Cristiane da Silva Tomaz
  621. Water Resources and Their Legal Protection
  622. Appeals in the Special Criminal CourtSubmitted by Rosimar Miranda de Souza Oliveira Degam State responsibility in the miscarriage of justice
  623. Refusal of Medical Treatment for Religious Reasons
  624. Administrative reform and civil servants
  625. Penal code reform
  626. Union ReformSent by Gilvane
  627. Tax reform
  628. Property community regime
  629. union registration in Brazil
  630. Relativization of the Judged Thing
  631. employment relationship
  632. Institutional relationship of public servants as a labor cause vis-à-vis CE / Submitted by Eder
  633. Termination
  634. Civil liability of legal entity Submitted by Welison Fabrício Tonelli
  635. Civil liability of genetic engineering clinics
  636. Civil liability of construction companies
  637. Civil liability of financial institutions. Submitted by Ivan Alves da SILva Filho
  638. Physician civil liability in cosmetic surgery
  639. Civil liability in traffic accident Submitted by Laila Rodrigues de Souza
  640. State extra-contractual civil liability for the omissive behavior of its agents Sent
  641. Civil liability in blood collection and transfusion
  642. Civil liability for emotional abandonmentSent by Bianca Goularte Vicente
  643. Civil liability for medical error Submitted by Leonardo Bianchini
  644. Equity liability in default execution
  645. Criminal liability of the legal entity
  646. Criminal Liability for Medical Error
  647. Liability for damage to honor
  648. Civil liability in genetic manipulation
  649. criminal review
  650. Revocation of injunction
  651. utility wage
  652. Safety and occupational health
  653. Public safetySubmitted by Thais Sainnara FMoraes
  654. Verdict
  655. de facto separation
  656. precautionary kidnapping
  657. Public Servants and Their Legal Regime
  658. bank secrecy
  659. rural unionism
  660. Penitentiary system
  661. Tax evasion
  662. Tax substitution
  663. Succession of employers Submitted by Inara Andrade de Albuquerque
  664. Suicide
  665. active subject of the crime
  666. Passive tax liability
  667. Sursis
  668. Conditional suspension of the process
  669. Suspension of the tax credit
  670. Suspension and interruption of employment contract Submitted by Claudio Pinheiro Ribeiro Outsourcing
  671. Protest suspension
  672. Failing summary of appeals submitted by Alessandro Dutra
  673. Binding summary
  674. Rate
  675. Tax and tariff on public services Submitted by Fernando Massardo
  676. Attempt
  677. Objective Good Faith Theory
  678. unpredictability theory
  679. objective imputation theory
  680. Crime theorySubmitted by Welison Fabrício Tonelli
  681. Penal Guarantee Theory
  682. Guilt Theories
  683. Classification of cyber crimes and related mattersSubmitted by Marcio Leal
  684. penal type
  685. Ownership of Fundamental Rights
  686. Ownership of Fundamental Rights for Animals?
  687. Listing: protection of historical and cultural heritageSent by Nathalia Chaves
  688. Freelancer
  689. Rural worker
  690. Temporary, casual and independent worker
  691. woman work
  692. child's work
  693. domestic work in Brazil
  694. Slavery
  695. Child labor
  696. Criminal transactionSent by Lívia Rodrigues
  697. Blood transfusion: freedom of conscience vs medical responsibility Submitted by Roberta LSBFaria
  698. Transgenics: Right to information based on the Federal Constitution and the Consumer Defense Code.
  699. Organ transplantation
  700. International Treaties
  701. International Court of Human Rights
  702. International Criminal Court
  703. International Child Trafficking
  704. early guardianship
  705. emergency relief
  706. Executive title
  707. Public Debt Securities
  708. Standardization of jurisprudence
  709. stable union
  710. Stable Homoaffective Union
  711. Homoafetiva unionSent by Walcimara Cardoso
  712. Polyaffective unions
  713. Urbanization
  714. Use of outsourcing services in AdmPública – a form of escapismSent by Maurilho da Costa
  715. Use and housing
  716. Usucapion
  717. UsucapiãoSent By Tatiana Bueno
  718. enjoyment
  719. value of the cause
  720. Legal value of the email
  721. Vasconcelos Borges
  722. Leakage of personal data on the internet
  723. Life and Human Dignity
  724. Domestic violence Submitted by Eliane Nogueira dos Santos
  725. obstetric violence
  726. VictimologySubmitted by Renata Maciel
  727. Vices of legal acts
  728. Burden of proof
  729. Burden of proof in the work process
  730. – PEC – Generalized default or attempt to reasonably settle precatoria that have been overdue for a long time without payment?
  731. – Possibility of using the ADPF by federated entities for discussion, in the STF, about the constitutionality and enforceability of court decisions that granted the right to Economic Plans (Collor, Bresser, Verão, etc.) and salary floor;

Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, Monografia e TCC de Direito

Order of TCC structuring of Law

The way of structuring the TCC of Law must follow the following parameters:

  1. External part
    1. Cover of the Law TCC (Mandatory)
    2. Spine of the Right TCC (Optional)
  2. Pre-Textual Theme Elements
    1. Subject Cover Page (Required)
    1. Research Paper Errata (Optional)
    2. Approval Sheet (Required)
    3. Theme dedication (Optional)
    4. Acknowledgments for the monograph (Optional)
    5. Theme title (Optional)
    6. Summary in the Research Paper native (Required)
    7. Foreign Language Summary (Required)
    8. List of Subject Illustrations (Optional)
    9. List of project tables (Optional)
    10. List of Abbreviations and Acronyms (Optional)
    11. List of project symbols (optional)
    12. Theme summary (Required)
  3. Textual Elements
    1. Introduction (Required)
    2. Theme development (required)
    3. Completion (Required)
  4. Post-Textual Elements
    1. References and sources (Required)
    2. Glossary (Optional)
    3. Appendix (s) (Optional)