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In this article we will be providing a list with thousands of themes and suggestions for Research Paper of Accounting Sciences. The list also shares ideas for other types of academic work such as abstracts, scientific articles and many others. I hope you make good use of this list of Topics Ideas for Accounting projects.

The selection of the subject of Accounting Sciences is the most important decision that the student needs to make for an excellent development of the Research Paper, which ends up creating a lot of anguish and uncertainty.

Among the numerous choices of suggestions for Research Paper, a good choice will allow the trainee to create his Coursework with better fluidity and less stress.

Before we share the list of suggested topics for the Research Paper of Accounting Sciences, I want to suggest tips and suggestions to improve your Research Paper.

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Temas para Trabalhos Acadêmicos, Monografia e TCC de Ciências Contábeis

Tips for Accounting Science Jobs

See now tips for preparing your academic work in Accounting, great tips for your Research Paper:

  • If you already work or know how you want to work, search through topics related to your area of ​​interest. You need to have an affinity with the theme;
  • Also think about the research source, check if there is enough reference material for this Research Paper topic;
  • Ask your Advisor - It is important that the Advisor Professor is also in agreement with the theme;

The Tips below will help you do a better job:

  • Be careful not to use the 1st person in the text;
  • direct and use only the recommended, reducing adjectives;
  • Be careful not to reuse words too often, use alternatives;
  • Avoid complicated ideas: writing should be simple;
  • Don't omit important information: show it whenever necessary;

List of Topics Ideas for Research Paper of Accounting Sciences

Below are some suggestions for topics for doing academic work such as Accounting Science Research Paper:

  1. - Care in Accounting Outsourcing
  2. The Performance of Accounting Service Companies in the Management Process of their Clients
  3. The Bureaucracy of Accounting and Its Tax Aspects
  4. Accounting as a Tool for Making Decisions
  5. Cost Accounting as a Tool for Banana Farming
  6. Financial Accounting for a Small Business in Crisis
  7. The Effectiveness of the Equality Principle between Men and Women in Brazilian Labor Law
  8. The Evolution of Corporate Governance
  9. The Historical Evolution of Accounting in Brazil
  10. The Correct Way To Fill Out The Nf-E
  11. Cost Management in Public Administration
  12. The Importance of Balance Sheet Analysis for Companies
  13. The Importance of Organizational Performance Analysis
  14. The Importance of Financial Analysis in Business Decision Making
  15. The Importance of Government Auditing
  16. The Importance of Internal Auditing for Organizations
  17. The Importance of Cost Accounting for Micro and Small Businesses Opting for the Simple National
  18. The Importance of Cash Flow Statement for Companies
  19. The Importance of Cash Flow Statement for Greater Transparency of Companies' Operations
  20. The Importance of Ethics for Accounting Professionals
  21. The Importance of Internal Audits for Organizations
  22. The Importance of Planning the Cost Structure in Small Businesses
  23. The Importance Of Decorate
  24. The Importance of Tax Planning
  25. The Importance of Tax Planning for Improving Companies' Cash Flow
  26. The Importance of the Purchasing Process in the Management of the Company
  27. The Influence of the Brazilian Economic Crisis on Corporate Accounting
  28. The New Accounting Law (Law.)
  29. The Obligation of Bookkeeping
  30. The Obligation of Bookkeeping
  31. The Obligation of Explanatory Notes
  32. The Compulsory Bookkeeping
  33. The Possibility of Bigdata Correlation and Accounting Science
  34. Economic Recession and Its Effects on Business Accounting in Brazil
  35. The Relationship between the Level of Social and Environmental Disclosure and Sustainability Factors of Companies in the Brazilian Electric Sector
  36. The Relevance of the Social Report
  37. Accountant's Civil Liability
  38. The Responsibility of the Withdrawal Member
  39. The Transition From Mei To Me
  40. Using the Balanced Scorecard
  41. Ethics as a primary factor in expert work
  42. The Ethics and Responsibility of the Professional Accountant for Small Businesses
  43. Professional Ethics and the Perception of Accounting Professionals
  44. Condominium Administration
  45. Administration Within Condominiums
  46. Public Administration: Costs and Quality in Its Performance
  47. Accounting Adjustments for Previous Years
  48. Analyzing the Capital Markets: Advantages and Disadvantages
  49. Performance Analysis Of Commercial Companies In Taguatinga
  50. Analysis of the Scientific Production of the Law ./ (Lei Do Bem)
  51. Analysis of the Feasibility of a Business
  52. Balance Sheet Analysis
  53. Cost Analysis of Services Provided at the Accounting Office
  54. Analysis of Social, Political, Economic and Cultural Factors in the Adoption of International Public Accounting Standards by Countries
  55. Analysis of the Economic Performance of a Credit Union
  56. Analysis of Public Spending
  57. Analysis of the Indicators of Accounting Statements of a City
  58. Ong Financial Analysis
  59. Application of the Fiscal Responsibility Law
  60. Acquisition of assets through consortia
  61. The Difficulties of Using Electronic Invoices in Crops
  62. The Steps Of Transformation From A Mei To Ltda
  63. Accounting Aspects Of An E-Commerce
  64. Important Aspects of Tax Planning
  65. Association between the recognition of provisions and net income in publicly traded companies in Brazil
  66. Accounting Audit: Independent Audit Planning Facing Fraud Discovery
  67. Accounting Audit: Independent Audit Planning A Case Study In Company X
  68. Audit and Fraud
  69. Audit and Business Management
  70. External Audit and Expertise
  71. External Auditing: A Study on Gender Equity in Audit Firms
  72. Government Audit
  73. Internal Audit
  74. Audit in the Fight Against Fraud
  75. Evaluation of the Solvency Margin of a Health Plan Operator
  76. Profitability Assessment of the Three Largest Banks in Volume of Assets Operating in Brazil in the Period From -
  77. Downgrading Accounting Fees: A Different View From The Traditional
  78. Social Report
  79. Bi in Accounting Science
  80. Bitcoins
  81. Caged
  82. Intellectual Capital: The Challenge for Accounting with the Advent of the Knowledge Age
  83. Important Features of Tax Planning
  84. Spin-off, Merger and Incorporation: Accounting and Tax Aspects in Corporate Reorganizations
  85. Accounting Sciences and the Digital Market
  86. Accounting Sciences for Small Entrepreneurs Organization
  87. Combating Corruption and Fiscal Responsibility Law
  88. How Accounting Evolved In Brazil
  89. How To Demonstrate Cash Flow
  90. How Credit Unions Work
  91. How Sales Prices Are Formulated
  92. Behavior of a State's Income and Expenditure
  93. Conceptualizing the Historical Evolution of Accounting Principles in Brazil
  94. Constitution of Companies
  95. Environmental Accounting
  96. Environmental Accounting, Importance of Application in the Textile Industry
  97. Accounting Applied to an Industry Company
  98. Import Activity Accounting in Agricultural Products Import Activity
  99. Digital Business Accounting
  100. Startup Accounting
  101. Accounting and Tax Aspects
  102. Accounting and E-Commerce
  103. Accounting In Startup Companies
  104. Accounting in Micro, Small, Medium and Large Companies
  105. Accounting in Rural Business
  106. Management accounting
  107. Management Accounting as a Management Tool
  108. Management Accounting: A Management Tool For Micro And Small Businesses
  109. Municipal Accounting
  110. Accounting in Industry
  111. Accounting In Brazil: Understanding Its Historical Evolution
  112. Accounting For Mei
  113. Accounting for Youtubers
  114. Rural Accounting: Agroindustrial, Agriculture And Livestock Activities
  115. Accounting Services Agreement
  116. Green And Yellow Employment Contract
  117. Controllership in Micro and Small Businesses
  118. Internal Control in Routines Providing Accounting Services
  119. Internal Control Reduces Day-to-Day Risks at the Company
  120. Internal Controls In Organizations
  121. cryptocurrencies
  122. Criteria for Recruitment, Selection and Admission of Auditors
  123. Icms Tax Credit
  124. Pork Production Cost: Study in the Main Producing States of Brazil
  125. Cost and Quality in Public Administration
  126. Cost Or Expense?
  127. Joint Costs
  128. Costs in Provision of Services
  129. Public Sector Costs
  130. Calculation of the National Simple
  131. Calculation of the Simple on Export
  132. Calculation on Export and Import of Products
  133. Ncm Code: Methods To Eliminate Doubts And Uncertainties
  134. Decorate And Its Importance
  135. Decorate: An Important Document
  136. Cash Flow Statement Versus Statement of Origins and Investments of Funds
  137. Cash Flow Statement
  138. Disregard of Legal Personality: Accounting Expertise in the Judicial Scope
  139. Cost Expenses
  140. Determinants of Profitability Indexes: Roa, Roe and Roi
  141. Diagnosis of Tax Benefits for Micro and Small Businesses in Tocantins
  142. Difference Between Characteristics In The Formation Of Sales Price And Rental
  143. Profit Distribution in Companies Taxed by Presumed Profit and Simple National
  144. E-Commerce And Its Accounting Aspects
  145. E-Social
  146. Continuing Education For Accounting Professionals: Necessity Or Obligation?
  147. Effects of Positive Accounting Theory Assumptions on the Quality of Accounting Information
  148. Effects of the Audit Committee and the Fiscal Council on the Quality of Accounting Information in Brazil
  149. Efficiency of Investments by Sanitation Service Providers in the Municipality of X
  150. Technical Efficiency and Innovativeness: A Study in Brazilian Private Hospitals
  151. Entrepreneurship and Accounting
  152. Multinational Companies
  153. Corporate Debt: What Are The Associated Factors?
  154. Tax Indebtedness of a Company
  155. Small Business Cost Structure
  156. Structuring the Chart of Accounts - Law ./
  157. Case study
  158. Study on Raising Private Equity and Venture Capital Funds
  159. Evolution of Brazilian Football Clubs' Debts with the Union and Adherence to the Profut Law
  160. Historical Evolution of Accounting Principles in Brazil
  161. Fgts
  162. Discounted Cash Flow - Valuation Model for Capital Market Investment
  163. Sales Price Formulation
  164. Accounting Fraud in the Us: Enron Case
  165. Existing frontier between management accounting and financial accounting
  166. Service Level Management Improves Customer Service Quality
  167. Cost Management in Public Administration
  168. Cost Management in the Printing Industry
  169. Flow Management
  170. Property Flow Management in Property Registration
  171. Digital Business Management
  172. Corporate governance
  173. Tax War in the Scope of Icms: The Impact of Tax Incentives on the Tax Burden of Coffee
  174. Hedge Accounting in the Brazilian Stock Market: Effects on the Quality of Accounting Information and Disclosure
  175. Heirs And Successors In Limited Companies
  176. Fees, Services Outside the Audit Area and Auditor Independence: Evidence in Publicly-Held Companies Listed on Bm & amp; Fbovespa #
  177. Impact of the Management Fee on the Performance of Fixed Income Investment Funds
  178. Impacts of Corporate Governance Mechanisms on the Management of a Family Business Group
  179. Impacts on the Judicial Labor Expertise for the Labor Reform (Law Nº ./)
  180. Implementation of an Accounting Information System in the Public Sector
  181. Implementation of Accounting Information System in the Public Sector Bookkeeping and Its Obligations
  182. Implementation of Accounting Systems in the Public Sector
  183. Implementation of Equity Procedures in Public Entities
  184. Accounting Implications of Deploying the Social in a Supporting Foundation
  185. Individual Income Tax
  186. Donation-Related Tax Incentives
  187. Merger, Merger and Spin-off: Accounting, Tax and Legal Aspects
  188. Financial Statement Indicators
  189. Textile Industry: The Relevance of the Application of Environmental Accounting in this Sector
  190. Accounting Information for Microenterprises
  191. Iptu - Tax on Urban Territorial Property
  192. Corporate Game: Application of the Game and Contribution to the Learning of Undergraduate Students
  193. Accounting Civil Expert Reports under the Focus of the New Civil Procedure Code
  194. Readability of Explanatory Notes in Publicly Traded Companies in Brazil
  195. Fiscal Responsibility Law
  196. Fiscal Responsibility Law and Planning in Municipal Public Administration
  197. Rouanet Law
  198. Profitability in the Production of a Small Rural Business
  199. Profits earned abroad
  200. Mapping Surveys in Cost Management in Small Businesses
  201. Contribution Margin
  202. Capital market
  203. Individual Microentrepreneur (Mei)
  204. Moving Company Mei To Me
  205. Change From Mei To Me
  206. Changes in the Accounting Treatment of Leasing Proposed by Ifrs and Their Effects on Companies' Financial Indicators
  207. Women in Accounting: An Analysis of the Participation of Doctors in Scientific Production in Journals
  208. Discounted Cash Flow Method Being Used To Determine A Company's Value
  209. Collective Bargaining
  210. Digital Business and Accounting
  211. Rules and Collective Bargaining
  212. Electronic Invoice and Accounting Management
  213. New Directions for the Responsibilities of the Independent Audit Facing the Discovery of Fraud
  214. Disclosure Level: Explanations of Companies Listed in the Traditional and New Market Segments of Bm & Fbovespa
  215. The Social Balance and Its Importance
  216. Accounting Science Students' Knowledge of the Code of Ethics
  217. The Accountant and the Technology Needed in Your Daily Life
  218. The Accountant and Ethics
  219. The Counter And The Money Laundering Crime
  220. The Accountant In The Globalized World
  221. Cost Control in Rural Companies
  222. The Growth of the Franchise System in Brazil
  223. The Accountant's Professional Code of Ethics: The Convergence Between The Brazilian Code And The International Code Of Ethics
  224. Tax Authorities and Professionals
  225. The Future of Accounting in Brazil
  226. The Impact Caused By Choosing A Tax Regime On Company Profitability
  227. The Impact of Cpmf and Cascading Taxation on Brazilian Companies
  228. The Problem With ICMS Withholding
  229. The Problem of Tax Evasion by Entrepreneurs
  230. The Redesim Project and Its Limitations
  231. What The Job Market Requires From The Accounting Professional In (City)
  232. The Tax Regime as a Determinant Form for the Formation of the Sale Price
  233. Is Value Relevance Relevant?
  234. NGO and Financial Analysis
  235. Can delays in recognizing expected losses aggravate the retraction of bank loans in periods of financial crisis in Brazil?
  236. The Benefits of Cost Structure Planning in Micro Enterprises
  237. Internal Controls and Their Relevance in Mitigating Errors and Accounting Fraud
  238. The Effects of Intangibles on Financial Analysts' Forecasts
  239. The Impacts Caused by the Brazilian Bureaucracy on the Opening of New Companies
  240. The Impacts of Law Changes
  241. Profits Earned Outside Brazil
  242. Capital Markets and Their Volatility
  243. The New Challenges of the Tax Sector in the Digital Age
  244. Accounting Principles in Brazil and Their Historical Evolution
  245. Overtrading and Undertrading: The Ways of Bankruptcy
  246. International Accounting Standard
  247. Participation in National Companies of Individuals Resident Abroad
  248. Political Parties and Campaigns - Legal Donations Made Using Resources With Illegal Origins: Do Accounting Professionals Have an Obligation to Investigate the Origin of the Resources?
  249. Steps for the Formation of an NGO
  250. Perception Of Micro And Small Business Owners About The Services Provided By Their Accountants
  251. Accounting Expertise
  252. Non-cumulative Pis And Cofins Aimed At Companies In The Construction Materials Opting For Real Profit
  253. Tax Planning
  254. Tax Planning as a Management Accounting Tool
  255. Tax Planning in a Service Provider: Presumed Profit vs. Simple National
  256. Tax Planning for Contributing Importers for Presumed Profit
  257. Correct filling of the Nf-E
  258. Provision of Accounting Services and Contracts
  259. Preventing and Combating Errors and Accounting Fraud
  260. Budgetary Process in Public Administration
  261. Public Management Budget Processes
  262. Scientific Production in Accounting in Brazil
  263. Production of Scientific Accounting in Brazil
  264. Liberal Professionals and the Tax Authorities
  265. Professional In Accounting Expertise
  266. Profession Accounting Expert
  267. Compliance Programs and Anti-Corruption Law: An Analysis at Petrobras Company
  268. Asset Revaluation
  269. Recipes From A Certain State
  270. Judicial Recovery for Micro and Small Businesses
  271. Reduction to the Recoverable Value of a Cash Generating Unit
  272. Tax Reflections of the Rouanet Law
  273. Labor Reform
  274. Labor Reform and Accounting
  275. Property Registration
  276. Accountant's Relationship With Technology
  277. Relationship Between Entrepreneurship And Accounting
  278. Relationship Between The Stages Of The Business Life Cycle In The Quality Of Accounting Information Disclosed In Brazilian Companies
  279. Relationship Between Profitability and Liquidity Indicators of Banks in the Usa and Brazil
  280. Executive Compensation and Performance. Empirical Evidence in Brazil
  281. Social Responsibility and Sustainability
  282. Corporate Social Responsibility: A Study on the Influence of Socio-Environmental Investments on the Performance of Companies
  283. Responsibilities of the Entrepreneur in Times of Crisis
  284. Simple national
  285. Simple - The Tax of Micro Companies in a Small Business
  286. Electronic Invoice Issuing Systems for Individual Microentrepreneurs (Mei)
  287. Withholding Icms
  288. Icms Withholding From Company Cash Fraud
  289. Tax Replacement
  290. Sustainability and Social Responsibility in Companies
  291. Asset Recoverability Test: A Study on Disclosure in Companies Listed B in the Agribusiness Segment
  292. Related Party Transactions: Determinants and Impacts on Business Performance
  293. Taxation and Tax Substitution
  294. Taxation of Income Tax in Rural Activity: Individual vs. Corporate System
  295. Good Tax Planning
  296. Use of Accounting Information in Microenterprises
  297. Aggregate Economic Value of Publicly Traded Companies on Bovespa and the Return on Share Value
  298. Fair Value: Methods and Measurements Applied to Biological Assets in Brazil
  299. Advantage In Replacing Taxation Of A Presumed Profit Accounting Office With The Simple National
  300. Business Feasibility With Accounting Analysis
  301. Profit Volatility In The Brazilian Capital Market
  302. Ethics in Accounting
  303. Ethics in the Accounting Profession
  304. Liquidity Ratios
Os melhores temas para Monografia e TCC de Ciências Contábeis

How to structure your Accounting Science Undergraduate degree

The structure of the Accounting Sciences Research Paper must follow the following parameters:

  1. External part
    1. Accounting Sciences Coverage (Required)
    2. Spine of the Accounting Sciences Research Paper (Optional)
  2. Pre-textual design elements
    1. Subject Cover Page (Required)
    1. Research Paper Errata (Optional)
    2. Approval Sheet (Required)
    3. Theme dedication (Optional)
    4. Acknowledgments for the work (Optional)
    5. Project title (Optional)
    6. Native summary of the subject (required)
    7. Foreign Language Summary (Required)
    8. List of Research Paper Illustrations (Optional)
    9. List of Subject Tables (Optional)
    10. List of Abbreviations and Acronyms (Optional)
    11. List of Theme Symbols (Optional)
    12. Project summary (Required)
  3. Textual Elements
    1. Introduction (Required)
    2. Work development (Mandatory)
    3. Completion (Required)
  4. Post-Textual Elements
    1. Monograph References (Required)
    2. Glossary (Optional)
    3. Appendix (s) (Optional)