10 writing tips to do well on Enem

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THE essay Enem's is one of the most important parts of the exam that is taken by thousands of students. In fact, scoring at this stage can drastically change the final result, so it is important to pay close attention to it.

In this exam, when you write a quality text about, for example, flow test, if that is the focus, you are more likely to enter a public university, as well as earn scholarships to private universities.

The text of Enem is a text of 30 lines, in which the candidate must defend his point of view in a dissertation-argumentative way. The content must have an introduction, development and conclusion.

In order to be able to prepare the text with quality, the support material is composed of two pieces, one with verbal language, such as a text or newspaper article that comments on the topic, and the other with non-verbal language, which can be:

  • Images;
  • Charges;
  • Infographics;
  • Graphics.

Regardless of which model is chosen, it is important that the two materials dialogue with each other, so that they make sense to the candidate and he can prepare the essay on electric thermography, if that is the case, more easily.

However, it is still essential to work a series of actions to succeed in the test. It is important that you are in line with the grammatical rules and have the facility to develop new texts and create relevant content.

To be able to handle all the necessary actions to get a good grade in Enem, you can pay attention to some important tips that can help a lot. Still, you need to adapt these tips to your study routines.

In addition, each person establishes himself in a more adequate way to be able to absorb the necessary content to write a good essay on, for example, a surveying company, and be able to stand out in Enem.

10 dicas de redação para ir bem no Enem

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Achieving good results at Enem is a very important process, largely because of the opportunities it offers, especially with regard to vacancies at universities. Because of this, it is necessary to have an adequate study routine.

Writing has a strong weight in these activities, so remember to pay attention to details and achieve a satisfactory result for your interactions. Well, among the main tips are:

1. Make a habit of writing

There is no better way to practice your writing than writing. Creating this habit is very common to have a writing routine and be able to write in a natural way, respecting the rules defined by the type of text that will be produced.

To get better work on these results, you can use themes from previous editions as ways to practice the activity, or even use current themes and write more freely, for example, about a adhesive label factory and its advantages.

This way, you will have much more security when writing, since you will have created the habit of writing.

10 dicas de redação para ir bem no Enem

2. Understand the structure of the text

Enem asks for a specific type of writing, the essay-argumentative text. Because of this, it is necessary to understand this structure, to be able to work with more quality, and identify the main points you should stick to in a text about, for example, sinks.

Using this structure in your studies creates a familiarity with the type of text requested by Enem, ensuring that you know how to work with this feature. Furthermore, a dissertation-argumentative text usually has three distinct stages.

The introduction is when you identify the topic that will be covered and give an overview of the topic, acting in a broader way. Then development is where most of the text will fit.

That is, this is where you present your arguments for dealing with the proposed topic. Finally, the conclusion is the time to understand the result of your argument and present final considerations.

3. Remember positioning

Enem themes usually provide opportunities for you to give feedback during content development. In order not to fall into contradictions and make the text weaker, the first point you need to take is positioning.

Carefully read the proposed essay and identify whether you agree or disagree with the statements. Enem's drafting proposal does not evaluate your opinions, but the way you develop them.

Therefore, it is easier to create a text based on understanding and understanding of the topic autotransformer, if that is the case, than whether or not you agree with this type of activity.

10 dicas de redação para ir bem no Enem

4. Keep thinking

Logical reasoning is one of the main elements of a quality writing. Therefore, it is important to identify this structure in all written content, presenting your thesis with quality, with real arguments and other actions that allow your content to reach its conclusion.

5. Don't be the enemy of time

On the day the Enem test requests the essay, objective tests are also applied, specifically for Languages and Mathematics. The duration of the total test period is five and a half hours, which guarantees a good amount of time for work the writing.

However, distractions and stress can make you spend more time than necessary if you're not prepared, which can be quite detrimental to your grade.

Therefore, the ideal is to do tests with previous tests, timing the time, so that you can identify the average to achieve more satisfactory results and eliminate the fear of not being able to complete the test.

6. Clear and objective text

There are millions of candidates on Enem every year, so making texts clearer and more objective can be a differentiator. There is no reason for texts that are too complex or far-fetched, especially since the exam deals with high school assessment.

If you manage to get away from the obvious and avoid becoming too repetitive, you'll get pretty impressive results for your essay on, for example, inductive sensor.

10 dicas de redação para ir bem no Enem

7. Multimedia support

To be able to prepare well for Enem, especially in terms of writing, reading is very important. But to avoid study addictions and not have a very boring period, the ideal is to enjoy content in other media, such as audiovisual.

This way, you can relax a bit and relax your mind, while still being able to study with quality for your actions on the test.

8. Evaluation Skills

There are some aspects that are fundamental to work within the Enem newsroom. The candidate must know what is being evaluated to be able to create a text that makes sense in this regard.

The first point is mastery of the language. Avoiding misspelled words, correct use of punctuation and accents, as well as other elements of the type are very important for your final grade.

In addition, text interpretation is critical for you to create a proper writing. Remember, the base texts about, for example, digital tachograph they are not just inspirations for you to work.

You have to understand what they mean to create quality text. Also, avoid repeating terms or a text that has many technical flaws, as this can detract from your final average.

9. Pay attention to the theme

The Enem theme is always of influence for society as a whole. This theme can be a social issue relevant to society, a new scientific discovery or a cultural and political action.

Although the topic is only discovered at the time of the exam, you can identify a series of important and recurrent themes that are happening nowadays so that you can practice and stay tuned to the possibilities that present themselves in writing.

Sustainability, in particular, is a very recurrent theme in this type of process, ensuring a good source of studies and preparation. In addition, the coronavirus, violence against women and other issues on the rise are also options.

10. Make drafts

The more time you have to write the essay on the day of the test, the greater the possibility of working on it. So be sure to make as many drafts as you can.

This way, you can read the text and identify flaws or points that you believe you can improve, presenting a final content much more relevant to your material.

10 dicas de redação para ir bem no Enem

Final considerations

Enem essays are an important tool to get a good grade on the test, which can be decisive when entering a university. Therefore, all the attention is important when working with this type of material.

Writing a good essay can be a complex job, but with a lot of study and attention, you will soon be qualified to achieve a satisfactory result at this stage of the evaluation, ensuring much more peace of mind to act.

The more you get results relevant to your company, the better structured you will be, thus ensuring that you will have an excellent grade in the evaluation.

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