10 Sites for Learning Languages

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Our website together with thousands of blogs and websites has helped people to study and learn several languages. But it is difficult to find the best content on the vast internet. In this article we have separated 10 sites that will help you study the Japanese language in the best possible way.

Tatoeba - One of my favorites. It is a “phrase dictionary”, or rather, a collection of phrases and translations.

Mylanguages.org - The site offers numerous resources such as vocabulary, grammar, videos, lessons, dictionary, pronunciation (audio) and etc.

interpals.net - Social network where you find people interested in learning and teaching a language.

Busuu.com - online community for those who study foreign languages. Each member is, at the same time, teacher and student, helping others to learn their mother tongue.

Livemocha.com - Livemocha is a kind of social network for languages. Basically the site is a community for language learners, in addition to offering online courses.

LingQ.com - LingQ is one of the best sites not only for learning Japanese, but also for learning several other languages. You can select the language of your work area and the language you are studying. The site includes a library with hundreds of texts, all with mp3 audio, a vocabulary learning system and classes with online tutors.

Preply.com - Preply is an educational platform that connects teachers and students to learn any language or subject. Through a simple and friendly interface, the student can locate the teacher of his / her preference taking into account the price of the class, the assessment, and the country of origin - essential to learn a language with native speakers. You can also watch introductory videos from teachers and view their schedule.

Italki - A website where you can teach and learn from a native. You register your students on a list, make an appointment and contact them at the scheduled time.

Mylanguageexchange - social network where you can choose an ideal partner to learn the language: you indicate your mother tongue, the country and approximate age of the partner you want to meet.

Forvo - the largest dictionary of pronunciations in the world, now with translations. All words in all languages ​​spoken by native speakers.

Your Language Exchange - With about 1 million members, this platform brings together dictionaries, audio resources, lesson plans. It is possible to connect with native users from 133 countries, speakers of 115 different languages.